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Dhatupaushtika Churna

About the product:
Dhatupaushtika Choorna is benefits in Seminal Weakness, Nightfall & other semen related disorders.
Manufactured By: Baidyanath

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Product description

Dhatupaushtika Choorna is benefits in Seminal Weakness, Nightfall and other Semen related disorders. This powder helps to enhance the overall strength of the body & also very good for increasing the sperm count of the person.

Dhatupaushtika Choorna Dosage: 1 teaspoon twice a day with warm milk.

Dhatupaushtika Choorna Packaging size: 120 grams

Dhatupaushtika choorna

Sexual problems or general weakness may happen in both sexes at some stages in life. It may be due to medications like antidepressants, systemic illness like diabetes, stress, extreme tiredness, psychological issues which leads to decreased sex drive. It is seldom consulted with a doctor due to hesitation. It happens especially on getting older, but some of them experience it when they are young also. The sexual phases in a cycle with excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution must not be impaired for a healthy sexual life. So when there is a problem, it must be consulted with the doctor & corrected at the right time to improve the symptoms. Otherwise it also becomes a cause of conflict in marital relationships which affects the family, work & also the society. The current lifestyle with long working hours, work pressure with deadlines, travel with irregular & unhealthy eating, usage of electronic devises for long periods, irregular sleeping, sedentary life style leads to so many of the problems.

Ingredients of Dhatupaushtika Choorna

Satavari, Gokshura, Bala, Vamsalochana, Babchini, chopchini, kapikachu beej, safed musli, kali musli, shunti, kali maricha, pippali, salam misri, vidari kand, aswagandha & nisoth.

They are all nourishing drugs with aphrodisiac properties which help with the sexual problems especially in men & for a healthy progeny. Satavari, Kapikacchu, Gokshura, Safed musli, Bala, Aswagandha, Vidari with its madura rasa, madura vipaka, sheeta veerya act specifically on the male reproductive organs strengthening them & increasing the function. The drugs like pippali, shunti, marica helps with the digestion. Dhathus are the structural support which help the body for its growth & function if transformed properly. The healthy eating with nutritious diet helps to nourish the dhathus whereas unhealthy habits like smoking, excess alcohol, junk & fried foods also deplenish the dhathus causing weakness. In sexual problems & infertility, the sukra dhathu is affected. Thus these drugs help to increase the sukra dhathu or testosterone thereby helping in the proper function to have a healthy progeny & a happy sexual life satisfying the partner. When sukra dhathu is in excess it causes excessive discharge or seminal calculi & when it is reduced it causes delay in ejaculation, pain in testes or a burning sensation in the genitals. So it has to be corrected. It also stimulates the central nervous system thus enhancing the pleasure during the sexual act & helps to reduce problems with the male reproductive system.

Dhatupaushtika Benefits

  • It is aphrodisiac, nourishes all the dhathus especially the sukra dhathu, helps in the transformation of the sukra dhathu & an increase in ojas gives health, peace & immunity.
  • It increases the strength & vigor of the body.
  • It improves the energy levels, reduces stress thereby correcting the decreased sexual desire which is also a cause for infertility.
  • It increases the testosterone & semen.
  • It also helps in conditions like spermatorrhoea, premature ejaculation, impotency, nocturnal emission, erectile dysfunction.
  • It strengthens the perineal muscles and helps to stimulate the nervous system.
  • It helps to satisfy the partner.
  • It can also be used in convalescence period after major debilitating illness like tuberculosis, muscular dystrophies, other systemic illness leading to extreme tiredness.
  • It can be used to strengthen the genital organs after an infection.
  • It can also be used to increase weight.
  • Dosage

    One teaspoon can be taken with milk or warm water with a teaspoon of sugar twice daily after food. Diabetics can avoid the sugar.

    Side effects

    There are no known side effects in taking this medicine for the prescribed time after consulting the doctor.


    It is better to have good digestion before starting taking the medicine which will make the absorption of the nutrients easier. As the main drugs are heavy to digest with a nourishing property, a poor digestion will cause heaviness after eating. So if there are any existing symptoms of ama or indigestion like lethargy, constipation, lack of energy, heaviness it must be corrected with amapacana medicines like Asta choornam to improve the digestion & Triphala choornam can be used to improve the bowel movements if constipated. It will be more beneficial generally to take nourishing medicines after a cleansing for a better absorption & assimilation. Castor oil can also be used as a single dose of 10ml with half a glass of warm water once in empty stomach in the morning before food.

    In persons with normal digestion, the presence of pippali, shunti, marica will enhance the digestion.

    In persons with excess weight, it must not be taken for a long time as it may increase the weight as the ingredients tend to increase weight. But if it is taken to improve the fertility or increase in semen, proper exercise, a healthy diet must be taken & monitored.

    Lifestyle modifications & Diet

    • Eat healthy foods with more vegetables & fruits. Include foods with natural aphrodisiac properties like ginger, asparagus, coriander, pomegranate, nut meg, capsicum, carrot, basil, cinnamon, cardamom, nuts, celery, garlic, avocados, almonds which increases the sukra dhathu or semen & also strengthens the male reproductive system, increases the fertility & also the sexual desire.
    • Include milk, ghee, black gram, banana, dates & nuts especially to increase the kapha & sukra dhathu thereby helping infertility.
    • Avoid foods with excess of pungent, astringent, bitter taste, alkaline substances that will decrease the semen. Avoid unhealthy foods with excess oil.
    • Exercises like pelvic tilts, squats, Yogasanas like pavanamuktasana, padmasana, dhanurasana, vajrasana, bhujangasana, matsyasana which stimulates & strengthens the perineal area helps in the healthy functioning of the reproductive system.
    • Pranayamam like anuloma, viloma, ujjayi, bhramari helps to nourish the cells with more oxygen & Savasana or meditation helps to relax the mind.
    • Avoid heavy or strenuous activities that makes to feel weak.
    • Try to control the weight which is necessary for a good health.
    • Thus Ayurveda advises Vajikarana therapies not only for the sexual problems but also to strengthen the sukra dhathu to have a healthy progeny.


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    Dhatupaushtika Churna

    Dhatupaushtika Churna

    Dhatupaushtika Choorna is benefits in Seminal Weakness, Nightfall & other semen related disorders.

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