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Vidyarthi Amrit

About the product:
Vidyarthi Amrit improves memory, stimulates nervous system, enhances mental & physical development of growing children, students. Even in older people manages mental fag & helps in thinking clearly & intelligently.
Manufactured By: Maharishi Ayurveda

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Vidyarthi Amrit

Vidyarthi Amrit

Vidyarthi Amrit improves memory, stimulates nervous system, enhances mental & physical development of growing children, students. Even in older people manages mental fag & helps in thinking clearly & intelligently.

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Product description

Vidyarthi Amrit improves memory, stimulates nervous system, enhances mental & physical development of growing children, students. Even in older people manages mental fag & helps in thinking clearly & intelligently.Vidyarthi Amrit is a good tonic for the growing children, students & adults alike.

Vidyarthi Amrit provides three vital Medhya Rasayanas (rejuvenators) to energize, improve & invigorate Medha i.e. intelligence by the power to store & recall. Vidyarthi Amrit is a unique adaptogenic agent. it manages mental fatigue & facilitates sustained intellectual activity.

Vidyarthi Amrit Dosage: 1 to 2 teaspoonful (5 to 10ml ) twice a day.

Composition: Shankhapushpi, Mandukaparni, Tagara, Vidanga, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Ela, Shatapushpa, Vacha, Chini.

Packaging size: 200 ml.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: Dr. my son is 5 years old . when he is doing anything playing puzzles, writing his hand vibrate . Please help

Answered by Dr.Sharma : dear you may get him evaluated medically so that ruling out. In the mean while you may give him milk boiled with Dates, Serve him warm nutritious meals. Medicine like Arvindasava,Vidyarthi amrit, these have effects on nervous system and gives it strength and improve the development process. good luck
Question: My 1 year daughter have a huge arachnoid cyst in left side by birth. She has normal activity like other children. She can walk at the age of 11th month. She do all activity like other child of 1 year. The doctors of Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai suggested for surgory. I have give her homoeopathic treatment from the age 14 days. Now I want ayurvedic treatment for her.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : dear In arachniod cyst if its not troubling or increasing in size is usually best left alone, other wise if there is indication then Surgery is the best resort. If Surgery advised by the doctors is not emergency or not advised immediately then you may try vidyarthi amrit ,with BAL CHATURABHADRA churna mixed with honey. there are some procedure in panchkarma which may be helpful but she is too young to take them. You may meet an expert in person in ayurveda and discuss. best of luck.
Question: Our 3 y.o. daughter Marielle has DNA tested positive for Neurofibromatosis 2. Marielle has schwannomas in her face, as the attached pictures are showing, and about 20 other places on her body, underneath the skin. We do not know if Marielle has any inside her body. She is waiting for a full MRI scan. MRI from April 2012 shows bright spots at each side of her brain, but the doctors say that might or might not be tumors. We wonder if you have experience and have successfully treated children and people with NF2? Thank you in advance! Sincerely, Simen Tobiassen

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Sir\ Its very difficult to comment that if person suffering from this problems respond . Neuro fibromas. may be benign or spreading in rare cases, these may inflict pain or function loss of particular type . Also type of medicine which are available may not be suitable for her at the moment at this age. How ever you start giving her vidyarthi amrit to help her develop. before starting Brahmi ghrit ,you may give her Bal chaturbhadra ras to en kindle fire ,then along with continue the same. Keep writing about her health further ,best of luck.
Question: 27yo F. I have been suffering from bulimia for almost 10 years. I have panic attacks, very depressed and growing increasingly desolate. I've never taken any medication. I go to yoga twice a week and do other exercise. I know that I must tackle the underlying psychological issues, but until then what can I do to rid myself of these ailments? The bulimia makes the depression worse and the depression makes the bulimia worse, it never ends. Thank you for your time and help.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear It may be due to excess of VATA in system ,when there is this case it causes fear,anxiety ,unexplained fear. We would rather say that you don't depend upon medicine for this problem, as it causes dependency. Yoga and Meditation are the best way for your both the conditions. You can also do mudras like Vayu Mudra for controlling Vata. Panchkarma: Shirodhara with Herbal oil enema will do a world of good for you as these will help prevail calm mind. Some Medicine Recommendation: Sumneta,Vaat Kulantak ras with Honey and Vidyarthi Amrit all these have herbs which help calm mind and safe. Yoga:I would like to suggest you Yoga VCD for Women by Swami Ramdev ji (Hindi).Start practising accordingly .Especially Kapal bhati is very good for you and depressive thoughts. Natural remedy : Rose petal tea is very good for you and also good for Bulimia. please feel free to consult further.
Question: Dear Sir Namashkaar/pranaam I am from Mauritius I am giving chyawanprash to my 5 year old daughter since 2 years now. It has improved her allergic/immunity problems quite a lot. Since some times now her teacher at school complains that she is too active and talks and disturbs the class all the day. Is this a case of hyperactivity? My wife prepares her chyawanprash with milk and add sugar again to milk? She takes about 1/2 to 1 small spoon of chyawanprash once daily. Are we giving her the right dose? Is it that chyawanprash contains too much sugar? Can it be a reason for her hyperactivity? Please help Sir. Needs your advise about it. Thank you for reading and replying Sir. V.Greedharee

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Sir You are giving Chyavanprash in the right dose.Children need energy because they are active all day. There is a term called Hyper Kinetic Children,and it happens with some children. According to Ayurveda there are different kind of Prakritis named Vata -Pitta-Kapha. They each have special Physical and Mental Attributes. Your daughter appears to be more of a Vata Type.Its just how an Individual is.E.g. Vata type people are Creative ideas people. I advise that first of all don't give Chyavanprash for few days and then see if she is still like that. it will help you know that if its due to Chyavanprash . Also 'Tratak Practice' [Way of Concentrating in Yoga] and some meditation classes. I am sure above said practices will help her concentrate and move in 'Constructive' direction. if the above problems are not solved then You can give her 'Vidyarthi Amrit' [Makers-Maharishi Ayurveda]which will help calm children.
Question: Hello sir muchhe esa lagta hai ki me dimagi roop se thoda alag hoo aur ye meri aadte hai jada sochna bahut kam bolna aur thode bchche jaisi harkat karna bchcho ke sath rahana aur me bahut sarmila hoo logo ke bich me me nahi jata hoo aur koi ristedaro dosto se bate na karna aur muchhe shadi function me maja nahi aata lekin me padne me good hoo please sir koi upae btaie

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Thanks for writing to us and sharing your thoughts and problems with us. Society me har tarah ki personality hoti hain, isme Extrovert aur introvert dono hi exist karte hain. Apne jo symptoms bataye hain usase yeh lagta hai ki apko Fear of being opposed ya fir Confidence ki kami ya fir Social phobia [FEAR OF PEOPLE ]bhi ho sakta hai. Yoga VCD for Youth by Swami Ramdev ji (Hindi), Dhyan Yoga VCD (For Meditation) By Swami Ramdev Ji , yeh sab me apki problem ke liye relevant Yoga aur Pranayam diye hai,jo apke liye kaphi madatgaar sabit honge. Yadi ap consider kare toh Psychiatrist ke pas bhi visit kar sakate hain. Yeh help apki Personality ko khull kar samne ane me help karegi, Taki future me apke liye Badha na utpann kare. [its not that only People with Crazy mind go for this kind of help, people who need to resolve their Mansik Dwand [Battle] also do so]. Also you may take Vidyarthi Amrit, jo ki brain aur isase related problems ke liye bahot achhi hai. BEST OF LUCK.Please feel free to ask more..
Question: My Mother is a Lung cancer Patient 4 th stage.Age 52 yrs.She is having a very poor appetite and becoming week day by day.Can you suggest any medicene for improving her appetite. Duration of disease:21 Months

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Mam thanks for writing . WHAT you daughter is going through is Weak Digestive fire[ Agni] , she has RUCHI[ appetite] but she is not able to process/metabolise it,so we may say that she is having a bit of both, Agnimandhay [Digestive fire irregularity ]and Aruchi[ Loss of appetite on a broader term]. First do not make her FORCEFULLY evacuate bowels as it may lead to Piles later. Curd and rice are having Constipating properties if not taken in optimum amount. IT also seems that her intestine peristalsis [movement] is also not good. Anardana goli with gulkand ,will be helpful as this will be acceptable to her and also beneficial for her. Give her Dizomap digestive tablets ,helpful in a long run. Also give her Vidyarthi Amrit GOOd for the common problems of the children. Start applying Some lukewarm oil in navel ,which will help soften the contracted abdomen. do the above measures for sometime to break habit ,which happened due to earlier.Rest shall be taken later. Please feel free to ask further. best of luck.
Question: Hello Dr., I am mother of 6 years old boy. He will not sit still at meals and he fights with the other children in school and in neighbor. He does not pay any attention to me or any body else in the family when we talk. He goes through mood swings as he is fine one day and a terror next day. He cries may be 10 times a day and get normal next moment. He fights for little - little things with my other kid who is younger. Please suggest me what to be done.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Mrs. Verma We understand your concern for your child. You have described his activities according to which its seen that your child seeks Attention all the time which happen with most of the children as they want attention all the time.I am sure you spend time with your son and try to raise him well but sometimes it happens. There are INDIVIDUALITIES according to ayurveda where VATA Kind of personality show a lot of activity and wavering , fickle mind. Also Pitta [Fire element ]individual show an aggressive temprament .So he appears a mix of both. You need to understand that individuality and his physical and mental need . In the mean time you can start giving him 'Vidyarthi Amrit'[ Maharishi Ayurveda]. Also Cooling sports like Swimming , Light Colored cloths , some asnas if possible [ he may not be doing them in the starting] Use of PURE Ghee etc. Please feel free to ask if want more details. THANKS
Question: Dear Sir/Madam, My 3.5 year old daughter has been recently diagnosed with cylindrical power on both her eyes. My kid has been prescribed with Kumar Kalyan Ras, Kamdudha Ras & 1 tone eye-drops for 2 months. Since, this is the first time we have gone for ayurvedic treatment, I would like to know if there is any side-effects.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Although there are lesser known side effects of these medicine ,But if taken properly there may be a least possibility or none. If taken with Honey ,it will be most beneficial. Also to improve eye sight ,rub her feet with some oil ,it is said to be good for eyes. Also we would like to suggest she may take Vidyarthi amrit for over all development. There are some excericise if inculcated right now will give many benefits like Eye rolling,sideways etc. BEST OF LUCK,KEEP WRITING.
Question: He is a Retd.(Aelopathic) Doctor.Age 83+,Male. He is very week .He had prostate problems& operated prostate,3/4 yrs back. he has constipation problems, takes ishabgul for constipation. he takes Zincovit,Lossar. Ecosprin.& Alzil He can not remember the present situations .He sleeps most of the time of the day. All most whole day he wants to sleep. What should be done to make him active?

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Sir Its seems age factor [vata factor] and Kapha factor together , making feel sleepy all day, Weakness caused by Vata is to such extent that he even does not want to talk because it requires energy and it has drianed him out of energy nad hence he wants to sleep all day. Also he has been taking medicine which make a person kind of dizzy especially when weak. You can give him first something to digest like Triphala juice ,once the cleaning and digestion is proper ,then after few days you can start Swamla chyanvanprash for licking after that drink warm milk.It will give him energy and lessen Vata caused weakness etc. Vidyarthi amrit will be good for him and make him responsive. KEEP WRITING FURTHER. Best of luck.