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Vyas Neempatti Churna

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Neem is very useful for skin problems, nose bleeding, problems related to stomach, loss of appetite, etc. One can also manage some common problems like acne, oral & liver disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, & hay fever.

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Neem is a well known among popular herbs of India and has more than 5,000 years worth of its existence till known. Neem is known in India as a virtual living pharmacy for Skin and other many diseases.

Today, neem has obtained a good value in the commercial market. We can use neem oil  in bathing lotions, soaps, remedies etc. Neem is also very useful for eye problems, nose bleeding, problems related to stomach, loss of appetite, etc. One can also manage some common problems like skin diseases, acne, oral & liver disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, & hay fever.

Azadirachta indica is the botanical name of the neem tree. The Neem tree basically belongs to Indian origin i.e  Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc., but as of now all over the world grow this tree and use it for medicinal & healing properties.

As far as the Neempatti Churan is concerned, it possesses all of the medicinal values of neem. Neempatti Churna can be used internally in tea form; it can be used externally as well or can be added to cuisines. Earlier, The main use of Neempatti churna was contraceptive. Nowadays, it is also used in lotions, cosmetics, soaps, etc. The intake of Neempatti churna has been found beneficial in managing digestive problems too. Neem Powder also enhances immunity & acts as a blood purifier too. The antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties of neem truly make it valuable for human health.

Ingredients  of Neempatti Churna

  • Neem (Azadirachta Indica)
  • Powdered form

Indications of Neempatti Churna

  • Skin diseases like acne, lichen, boils, pustular diseases,boils,urticaria,, eczema
  • Headache
  • For Fungal infections
  • Viral Infections
  • For Controlling Diabetes
  • Parasitic infections
  • Sometimes to manage cancer
  • Abdominal distension,  abdominal pain, vomiting
  • Gas & Digestive disorders
  • Pain in muscles and joints

Benefits of Neempatti Churna

  • Clears face problems like acne and pigmentation

We all want to clear acne and pigmentation marks from our face. Apply Neempatti churna on the affected skin. Just take spoonful of Neempatti churna and dissolve it in water and apply it on the acne and pigmentation areas every day. Neem has antibacterial properties which helps in slowing the growth of harmful bacteria & leave your skin looking fresh & rejuvenated.

  • Manages skin allergies and infections problems

We purchase costly product for managing allergies and infections, just use Neempatti churna in these problems and get rid of allergies & several skin infections. Take a spoonful of neempatti churna with water and refrigerate it for some time. Then, apply it on the affected area with the help of a cotton ball. Its anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties really helps to soothe the skin & heals the infections very faster by suppressing microbial growth.

  • Delays signs of ageing

Do you want to look young ? Use Neempatti churna and have a chance to look young again. Neem has regenerative properties for skin specially and contains immune-boosting compounds that helps you to look young. Add Neempatti Churna to all your face packs as it helps to reduce the signs of ageing just in few weeks.

  • Helps in hair growth

Do you really think that your hair is growing enough? we all want shiny & long hairs but are tired of using expensive hair products ? Take Neempatti powder with coconut oil & apply the mixture on your scalp. Leave it for night and wash it off the next morning with any herbal or other shampoo. The Neempatti powder help to increase the blood circulation in the scalp to promote hair growth & reduce hair fall.

  • Manage muscle and joint pain

Take neem powder with water and drink it regularly in the morning  to get rid of from joint and muscle pain. You can also use it with essential oils and apply it on the joints to ease. People who have joint inflammation, neem powder is very useful for them.

  • Manages baldness

We think of baldness as a cosmetic issue, but other factors may cause baldness. While you may get it managed at the cosmetic clinics but you should try the natural way to make sure there are no side effects associated. Take Neempatti churna and mix it with curd & apply it as a mask on bald area of your head regularly. Neem improves normal functioning of the scalp & allows regrowth of hair.

  • Manages asthma

Are you worried about your asthma? Mix neempatti powder, a few drops of neem oil & turmeric paste with lukewarm water. Drink it every day to get relief from asthma. Neem has a bitter taste, so to make it easy to drink, one can add a little honey to it.

  • Help to control diabetes

Diabetes makes the whole functioning of your body worsen. So, Keep your sugar levels always in check without depending on modern allopathic medicines. You can dissolve a teaspoon of neempatti churna  in a glass of water and drink it every morning. It will regulate your sugar levels and keep your diabetes in check.

  • Helps to Manage Malaria

As we are aware, malaria is a serious disease caused by mosquito bites. One can use neem powder to manages malaria as well as entering mosquito in your house. Neempatti churna is useful for both cases. You can take neem powder with water & drink it daily in the morning to prevent spreading of malaria in the body. You can keep mosquitoes away from your house too with the help of neem. Mix neem Powder with water and spray it on the plants and corners of your house. The antipyretic agents in neem powder help to keep the disease at bay.

  • Help to manage wounds & rashes

Have you ever think how people manage wounds before allopathic medicine came into existence? Ayurveda has listed neem as a management for most skin-related ailments, including scratches, wounds & rashes. Using neem powder by mixing with turmeric paste helps to relieve pain & heals wounds faster.

  • Promotes blood circulation

When the blood circulation in your body is irregular, it affects your body Negative and you are suffering from hormonal imbalances. Using neem powder regularly with honey on an empty stomach makes hormones get balanced.

  • Helps to manages dandruff

A hair mask with neem powder, shikakai powder, amla, reetha & mixed with water and lemon juice helps you to get rid of dandruff problem. Apply this mask once or twice a week & you won’t have to keep scratching your head every time as it removes itching too.

  • Acts as blood purifier

Impure blood in the body generates various skin ailments and other health problems. So, if one wants to get rid of the pimples & other skin related problems on face, One has to ensure that the blood is regularly purified with the help of some detox drinks or Neem Drink. Use neem powder by dissolving in milk and consume it every day to clean your blood & boost the body’s immunity.

  • control chicken pox

Neem has been used as a natural management for smallpox & chicken pox for ages. A paste of neem powder and water has to be made and applied on the marks. If you Want faster recovery then Spread some neem leaves around the patient on bed to accelerate recovery.

  • Protect from leprosy

Leprosy is a well known serious skin problem & using neem powder is found to be a controller for this disease too. Anti-inflammatory properties of Neem helps to soothe the skin and make it recover fast. Leprosy patients should massage their affected body parts with a light paste of neem leaves regularly to get rid of this disease.

  • Helps in digestion

The antimicrobial & antibacterial properties of neem patti powder helps in digestion by countering intestinal worms. Neem is also known as a rich source of fibre & is found effective in managing many digestive disorders such as gastric and constipation disorders.

Side Effects of Neempatti Churna

  • Discontinue use & consult your health care practitioner if there are any signs of nausea, vomiting, loose stools, or excess hunger.
  • Neem can act as a refrigerant and can reduce the temperature of a specific tissue or even in the body.
  • While neem has certainly stood the test of time and has been deemed safe with appropriate and moderate use, it remains a powerful herb and should be managed with respect, particularly when taken internally.
  • Because herb/drug interactions have not been researched extensively, exercise caution when combining neem with prescription drugs.


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Vyas Neempatti Churna

Vyas Neempatti Churna

Neem is very useful for skin problems, nose bleeding, problems related to stomach, loss of appetite, etc. One can also manage some common problems like acne, oral & liver disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, & hay fever.

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