Cancer Remedies

Ayurveda sees cancer as an emotional disease. Usually persons who feel a lack of meaning or purpose in life are afraid or unaware of what to do with their lives. These people develop something internally instead of creating something meaningful in their lives.

Another view is that the aura is disrupted, allowing negative astral forces to enter the body.

Causes of Cancer

  • Cancer may be caused by pollution, junk food, lethargy, lack of spiritual purpose, suppressed emotions or stagnation.
  • Past-life karma(sins) also plays a role in this disease. Therefore, beyond physical healing, emotional healing requires meditation and psychic cleansing.
  • Although one humor is the main cause of a cancer, there are usually imbalances of all three doshas. Poor digestion allows for a buildup of toxins in the body.
  • Downward moving air (Apana Vayu) excesses develop negative life-force, which may mean that distention, constipation, and diarrhea may be the first physical causes of cancer. There is also a lack of oxygen in the cells.
  • Brain tumors are mainly type 3 cancers.

Symptoms and types of Cancer

  • Type 1: Fear, anxiety, depression, and insomnia; dry, hard tumors of varying size, gray or brown complexion, distention and constipation. Colon cancer is usually a form of type 1 cancer.
  • Type 2: Anger, impatience, irritability, hatred, resentment, inflamed, infected burning or bleeding tumors. Skin, eye, and liver cancers are usually type 2.
  • Type 3: Tumors are caused by any of the constitutions, but more often found in this type. Symptoms include fatigue, excess sleeping, congestion, and salivation. First tumors are usually benign (not hard or well-defined to the touch) and are accumulations of mucus or subcutaneous fat; swollen, with dampness, and congestion. Later, they may turn malignant. Hot and bitter herbs help reduce fat, such as ginger, black pepper, turmeric, and katuka and barberry.
  • Blood Cancer: Excessed cancer types invade the blood, causing large, exuding muscle tumors that are studded, fast-growing, and discharge large amounts of blood. This condition causes anemia to develop resulting from the loss of blood.
  • Muscle Cancer: External blows to the body can derange the muscle tissue, causing painless, smooth, stone-like, and skin-colored tumors on the skin. These more commonly occur among non-vegetarians, and cannot be healed.
  • Any cancer tumor that heavily exudes, develops on vital organs or channels, and those that are immovable, cannot be healed.
  • Adhyarbuda: A secondary cancer developing from the first cancer. This cannot be healed.
  • Dvirarbuda: A secondary cancer developing simultaneously with the first cancer. This cannot be healed.
  • Bone cancer: Jasmine is useful in this type of cancer.

Therapies - A 3 step cancer healing process

Four cancer healing therapies are required:

1) Cleansing Therapies: (For advanced cases)

  • a) Castor oil for 40 days. 1 to 2 teaspoons of castor oil are mixed in 1 cup of hot water and ingested before bed. If one has more or less than three stools the next morning, the dose should be adjusted until persons have only three stools in the morning. Castor oil therapy is an excellent, gentle cleansing process.
  • b) Haritaki choorna for 1 year. One-quarter tsp. of haritaki choorna is ingested 3 times daily. Depending on the season, add 1/4 teaspoon of sweets or spices to the choorna. Summer/Fall: Mix with jaggery (when humid also add rock salt) Winter: Mix with ginger (when extremely cold use pippalí). Spring: Mix with raw, uncooked honey.
  • c) Avoid meats, dairy (except  lassi)  and other protein-rich foods (although some protein is needed) because cancer is believed to be caused by excess protein.
  • d) For 2nd or 3rd type related cancers antitoxin herbs (bitters and pungents) like katuka and peppers are needed for cleansing the blood and improving circulation.

2) Immune-Boosting Herbs:
The immune system must strong to fight off the illness. For those undergoing chemotherapy, the need for immune-boosting herbs becomes even greater.

  • a) One or 2 teaspoons of chyavanprash is taken once or twice a day.
  • b) Several herbs help boost the immune system i.e., shatavari, ashwagandha, vidari kand. The dose taken is between 3 grams to 1 ounce daily.

3) Music Therapy:
Soothing meditation music harmonizes and heals the mind, thoughts, and nervous system. Classical Indian ragas (songs) and devotional chants can be listened to throughout the day and night. Certain  ragas are designed to create harmony for specific times of the day and night. Chants like Aum Namah shivaya are especially useful.

Other therapies

Type-1 cancer: Immune-strengthening herbs are best used when persons are very weak or undergoing surgery or chemotherapy. Herbs include ashwagandha, yogaraj guggul, kapikachhu, shatavari, guduchi, bala, shilajit, triphala, taking 1 or more ounces daily.

Type-2 and Type-3 cancer: (Lymph or skin cancer) blood cleansers like manjishtha, saffron, brahmi, red clover, burdock, jasmine, and sarsaparilla are used, 1 to 3 ounces daily with meals. They are best used fresh, if possible.

Type-1 and Type-3 cancer: (Thyroid, neck or lymph cancer) these phlegm-reducing herbs include kelp, seaweed, Irish moss, pippali, ginger, black pepper, yogaraj guggul, jasmine, myrrh, turmeric, trikatu. Doses may be 1/2 teaspoon, 3 times daily after meals.

All types of cancer: (Breast, uterine, liver, pancreatic cancer) strong circulation-improving herbs break stagnation, reduce masses, and aid tissue healing. These include turmeric, saffron, safflower, myrrh, manjishtha, bhuamalaki (liver cleanser), yogaraj guggul. Doses can be about 1/2 teaspoon, 3 times daily.

Therapies for Prostate cancer

Foods to be taken in Cancer

  • Meat, dairy, and excess protein are not advised since cancer cells are basically protein (though some protein is needed for digestive enzyme secretion).

  • Raw vegetables and juices like wheat or barley grass, dandelion, celery, alfalfa and sunflower sprouts are best for Pitta and other strong persons, but should be taken with spices like ginger and garlic to keep the digestion strong.
  • The green juices have much positive life-force (prana), cleansing negative life-energies. Weak persons need to take immune-boosting herbs listed above.