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Modern medical science have come into existence couple of hundred years back, but if you look into past thousands of years back in history, then you will find that our ancestors have tried to find solutions of their health problems only in nature. Following the foot prints of our ancestors, Ayurveda was invented some 5000 years back and is an ancient medical treatment system originated in Indian. It is based on treating human health ailments by the laws of nature. This technique of medical science has invented ways of treating human health ailments by medicines, prepared mainly from wonderful herbs and very refined metal extracts found in nature.

The person who has knowledge and master of ayurveda science of treatment is called Ayurvedic Doctor. Ayurvedic doctor must also be an expert of Herbs, and should have studied, researched and practiced the health benefits of these herbs, and their fine mixture with metal extracts in some cases to treat health problems. Herbs are the wonderful god gift to all living beings from nature. Most of the trees and plants found in every corner of the world has medicinal benefits, all you need to know is how to use them. This is where Ayurvedic doctor comes into existence.

Ayurvedic doctors are very popular in India, and they are also referred as Vaidya, hakeem or herbal doctor. Ayurvedic doctor also prefers to use herbs like ginger, tulasi (holy basil), saffron and turmeric in daily use with food. On the footprints of India, China and Greek countries are also using herbal medicines from centuries.  China's herbal tea is not less known and consumed everywhere in the world, also china is the biggest supplier of raw herbs in world after India. Unani medicines, originated from Greek are still used in India and in Greek countries for health benefits.

With people getting more health conscious and Eco-friendly, there is huge demand of Ayurvedic medicines all over the world and people are trying to find solutions of their medical problems within nature. Ayurvedic doctors has existed in India since the time of kings and queens thousands of years back. People believe them because none of the ayurvedic medicine has any side effects, not only diseased but healthy people can also use Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines are not only medicines but also health supplements.

Various diseases which even modern medical science fails to cure can be cured with Alternative medicines available in Ayurveda, if taken properly with Ayurvedic Doctor's advice. Diseases like asthma, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and thyroid was till now not curable but Ayurvedic medicines have treatments to these major health disorders. Ayurvedic treatments have huge advantage over modern allopathic medicines as there is no side effect using ayurvedic medicines.

Using Ayurvedic medicines and doing some research, a person can try to cure his diseases him self. With the advent of technology, people are searching solutions of their health problems on the Internet, where online Ayurvedic doctors are also available and can answer your heath questions, giving you alternative medicinal advice related to your health concern. You can get the advice for your health disorder in your email box without even booking any appointments with the doctor. So when you seek for health advice on Internet then try to be very accurate and explain in detail about your health condition and always mention the symptoms, history, medicines taken to Ayurvedic doctor while asking questions.