Ayurvedic Massage

Body is made up of five elements. Increase and decrease or improper co-ordination between these elements causes doshas or disorder in the body. When a man falls sick he feels that he should become healthy as early as possible. To cure the disease permanently it is also essential to use the natural way of medication. In this process massage is the best method. The importance of massage is given in the Ayurvedic books also. In Ayurveda apart from exercises different methods of massage are also given. It’s true that there is nothing, which can match Ayurveda massage.

Massage improves blood circulation and all the organs become healthy and strong. It’s difficult to be hale and hearty without massage. Through experience I can say that if a person does not do massage for one day he will not feel unhealthy but if he does not massage for a long time then there will be ill effect on his health. It is better to develop this habit to enjoy its benefits. In the same way you rub your body while taking bath, you don’t just pour water and come out. After bathing you wipe your body thoroughly, only then you feel fresh. One day you just pour water on your body and wear clothes, you don’t feel fresh. By doing our daily routine and moving here and there is also an exercise, and people are benefited with it.


According to Ayurveda the Panchkarma method (vaman, verechan, vasti, swedan, snehan) should not be followed when a person is suffering from fever or any severe disease or is having any phlegm. Massaging can be given 3 hours after consuming food either in the morning or evening according to the convenience. For oil massage one should sit on the mattress, which is kept ready. Firstly wipe the body with wet towel, rub and clean them. After that dips the fingers and applies oil in the nostrils, ears, naval , head and feet. After that apply oil on the neck, shoulders, elbows, waist/hips and knees etc, and other joints.


Oil should be applied on nerves, veins, and muscles and rubbed thoroughly. During massage the organs are stretched, relaxed and patted with palms and given small punches. Both the hands and palms are brought together and patted. The joints are twisted. The nerves are vibrated . Oil massage should be done in a particular order . Primarily the toes are given massage , followed by soles and ankles. After that from the calf muscle to thigh region and then the nerves and the muscles of the waist and hip. After that stomach and then the chest , face head, neck and finally back. Before massaging the back the entire body should be rubbed and wiped with a dry or wet cloth. The atmosphere for the oil massage should be neither cold nor hot. If the person is sweating then without applying oil the massaging can be done. Massaging is most important for the body. In Ayurved oil massage of head, nose, ear, naval, anal region palms and soles have a special importance. These parts are important because they have sensitive points. In ancient times people who followed religion were aware of these sensitive points in the head , nose, ear, cheeks, hands, and legs. That’s the reason why the ladies used to press the feet of their husbands, the children and disciples gave comfort to their parents and teachers. The Parents and teachers in return used to bless them on sensitive points of head . Due to the importance of these sensitive points the parents used to get their children’s nose and ears pierced. It’s a matter of great concern nowadays. It has been proved through research that if massage is given by a method in the sensitive points of palms, soles, head, face, ears, then the different organs and veins start functioning properly, the person becomes hale and hearty. Palms and soles have almost 30 such points, which are related to other body parts, and seven such points, which are related to veins. veins of left leg are connected to the left organs, right leg and hands are connected to the right side organs. Left palm and palm is connected to the sensitive points of heart. In acupressure method oil is applied and in this way treatment is given on sensitive points. But according to me acupressure method is one of the special kinds of massaging as per my experience and teachings of Ayurved by applying oil in sensitive points and massaging is a method, which gives double benefit.


Oil massage should start from feet. Oil should be applied to the toes and rub them with the thumb, joints should be moved and shaken then we should hold each toe and pull them gently. The massage of the sole is of utmost importance. we should sit down , one leg should be stretched and other leg should be folded and feet should be placed on the thigh of the stretched leg. The massage should be completed from leg to ankle. To massage the upper portion of the feet one should fold the legs in such a way that the knees are up and the hands can easily reach up to the feet. The oil applied on the feet must be rubbed thoroughly by fingers and thumb. This process should continue for at least 10 to 15 times.


Apply oil on the legs and rub it gently , keeping the hands straight. Firstly rub the muscles and massage them move them in a rhythmic manner. Repeat it 4 to 5 times. The legs should be patted and twisted , rubbed and vibrated many times . Apply oil on the knee and massage all the sides . The joints of the knees and all the sides of the knees should be patted with fingers . Hold the ankle and try to pull your feet and give it a shake . If a person is sick then he should lie down and then given massage . Usually while massaging the legs, the patient may try to pull his feet so you should make sure he keeps his legs loose . Keeping the legs straight and folding them from the knees can give massage. First the legs should be massaged one after the other. Massaging of thighs and the hips are also important . The legs should be stretched and placed one foot above the ground level so that the distance between the two ankles is one feet because of which the hands can move easily while massaging. Oil should be applied by using palms, fingers and thumbs. The important nerve on the both sides of the legs (front and back) should be massaged thoroughly.


Put oil on the palm and rub it. Rub the upper portion of the hand with the thumb of the other hand. Rotate the fingers on the wrist in a circular motion, joints should be massaged in the same way. pull each finger of the hands with other hand, gently vibrate each muscle of fingers. Wrist of the other hand also should be given jerks.


Apply oil on the arms and rub it. Move the hand in a rhythmic way, the fingers of the other hand move in a circular motion and the entire arm should be given massage and vibration . The elbows should also be massaged in a circular manner. The fingers and thumbs should be rubbed thoroughly . This process should continue up to 3 to 4 times . The fingers also should be patted and given vibration and the shoulders should be massaged by the same method as the elbows. The muscles should be rubbed by the fingers and patted, the joints should be jerked and punched . Both the shoulders should be massaged one after the other.


The stomach should be loose while massaging. If there is a swelling or wound on the stomach then it should be done with utmost care. Different vital organs like spleen , liver, small and large intestines, uterus, ovaries etc. are situated in this area therefore it requires utmost care. Firstly apply oil on the stomach and start massaging gently starting from the large intestines. take the hands slowly towards the liver. Turn the hands towards the left and go to the stomach. Then go to the spleen while pressing it go downwards from there go to the right while pressing it take the hand upwards and bring in the middle and go to the abdomen. The large intestines move in the same order as the hands. It goes from the right side of lower portion and to the kidneys and from the lower portion reaches the stomach. From there it goes to the right and from the lower region and goes to the right side and goes to the little upwards and right again and goes down and reaches kidneys straight. The massaging process should continue for at least 5 to 6 times after the process give a little vibration to the stomach and again move the hands for the massage. The muscles of the stomach should be rubbed thoroughly by using roller movement. After this method take the hands to the navel from there start moving the hands in a circular motion and see that the circle growing bigger and bigger and finally reaches the large intestines. This process also should be repeated twice or thrice.. by this process your hands as well as the patients stomach will become loose. Bring the fingers of the right hand together and place it on the navel depending on the patient condition while giving vibration take the hand inside the lower abdomen give it pressure and leave it. Take the hand gently from right to left . Bring your fingers closer and take the hands from the ribs and to the middle of the ribs, bring it to the empty space . While giving the pressure move your hand and bring it down straight to the lower part of the abdomen and give complete pressure . If desired take the help of other hand , this method should be repeated twice or thrice, keeping the hands straight take the hands down towards ears, repeat the process twice or thrice. Depending on the patient’s resistance give pressure accordingly. Give a light rub on the stomach and give it a vibration. Giving vibration, pressure, friction, should be repeated again and again.


The massage of face should be done along with the massage of the head. Take little oil and apply to the palms and apply the oil on the face. From the forehead take it to the head ,lift the chin and apply oil under the chin. With the help of fingers and thumb give a little pressure around the eyes. rub the two sides of the nose with fingers gently and move towards the ears. The fingers should move in a circular motion near the cheeks and then taken downwards. Move the fingers gently on the eyes shake them and move the fingers in a circular motion on the cheeks and vibrate them. Put two drops of oil in ears and give a shake . Put two drops of oil in each nostril and give it vibration externally. Take deep breath . This process is useful for improving eyesight and common cold. While massaging face one should not put pressure on the eyes. After intake of food if one rubs his or her eyes from all sides and rub the en- tire face then it is healthy, it improves eyesight. Everyday should massage eyes with dry hands before taking bath for benefit and remove pimples.

With the help of fingers take mustard oil and apply on the anal region , it’s very useful. The prostrate gland is situated in the urinary system. Oil massage is important for that part also. Massage both sides of testicles to overcome problems related to urine. Applying oil in the anal region is known as “Ganesh kriya and helps in overcoming constipation and piles.


Lungs and heart are situated in chest. On the lower side of the chest we can see the liver and stomach. Liver is on the right side where as stomach is on the left side. Half of its portion is on the lower side of the ribs and half of it is in the stomach. Firstly apply oil on the chest, hold the muscles of both the armpits and rub . Rub each rib one after the other. Place both the hands on the chest and the armpits and rub while mov- ing towards the heart. Vibrate and pat the chest ,put the palms together and make a hollow shape and pat slowly on the chest and give friction to the entire chest. Give small punches and vibration.


The head massage should be done gently and remember that when we apply oil in the hair it should reach the roots easily. Head massage should be done in sitting position , if the person is weak then he should lie down . The head mas- sage should be done on backside, while neck massage oil should be at middle of the head. Then loosen the palm and pat gently on the head a number of times . Then apply oil in the head nicely. Massage the scalp with fingers in a like comb like movement . In this way oil reaches the roots. Then press the head gently and move the fingers on the head gently. Place both the hands in such a way that they are placed on the head on the right and left but the palm and fingers are opened outside , then move the hands and head forward and backward and rub them. You should also make sure that the fingers of both the hands are inter- locked. After this process pat the entire head with the palm and move the fingers gently in the hair. Then bring both the palms of the hand together , keep the fingers loose , move the hands from middle of the head to the entire head and pat it in such a manner that it produces sound. Keep the palms together, inter- lock the fingers and fold them and take it to the backside of the neck and give it friction. Hold the muscles of the neck rub them, press the nerves on both the sides of the neck. Move the entire head in a circular way and move it from right to left and upwards and downwards for exercise . Now take the hands on the head again and with the fingers give gentle pressure. Patting with a sound , giving pressure and comb like movement of fingers. press the head , place one hand on the chin one hand backside of the head and first move it right and then left, give it a slow push , while pushing it check that the neck is loose.


Apply oil on the back and then start massaging . Start massaging by patting and rubbing thoroughly, the massage should be from upper region to the lower region and finally the heart. Place the right hand on the backbone and place the left hand on the right hand and depending upon the patient’s condition give thorough massage. Continue this process to the upper portion of the neck. If the patient is lying down then his forehead should touch the ground, the face should be down- wards, and neck should be straight. Repeat the method twice or thrice. Give friction and vibration on the back. relax the hands and back.