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Liquid Diet and Good Health

To digest wholesome food body utilises its own energy, but with juicy and liquid food not much body energy is needed for digestion. Juicy and liquid food  play a major role to give us energy. In liquid form of foods, fruit juice is the best and it helps take out the toxins from the body. Good sugar is produced in the body which makes the body strong.

Why are fruit juices helpful

  • Orange, sweet lime, grapes and pomegranate, juices are considered the best. Sometimes grape fruit juice is considered beneficial when reducing weight.
  • For putting on some kilos orange, sweetlime, carrot, grapes and pomegranate juices are the best. Milk, curd, matha are also considered to be energetic liquids.
  • To gain weight take juices with milk, curd and matha. This also helps in detoxifying the body.
  • Juices should be taken in three hours interval. First glass of juice at 6 am it should be lemon, with 20 grams of honey and water.
  • From morning 8 am to evening 8 pm  juices can be taken. The time is divided somewhat like this 8 am, 11 am,2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm. Initially take 250 grams of juice and gradually increase 50 grams then the 2nd day increase 300 grams, 3rd day 350 grams, 4th day 400 grams.
  • Juices and liquids  quantity can be increased to 500 to 600 grams. It is advisable to take liquid diet for 30-40 days. Always rest after intake of juice or any other liquid. Incase after 2 to 3 hours stomach feels heavr and pain occurs then take it as an indication of over drinking of juice. Reduce the quantity next time.

Effect of Liquid diet on the body

  • When liquid diet is started the body can show various signs like loose motion, weakness, stomachache , headache, sour taste in the mouth,lack of sleep, fever, body pain etc. All these symptoms are normal. Infact these symptoms are a sign that the body is getting detoxicated. Dont go for symptomatic treatment it will subside on its own.
  • Liquid diet will help reduce some weight but itsnothing to worry. Grapes play a major role as  most of sugar comes from it. Sugar from grapes goes directly in the veins and makes them strong. When veins are strong the energy reaches the other body parts and thus starts the cleansing of the body. Body is detoxified.

After Liquid Diet

  • After 30 to 60 days  of liquid diet gradually start normal diet. Initially take only juice start with a schedule like 8. am, then and in the night at But in between at 11 am and 5pm fruits, curd, matha or milk can be taken. In fruits banana, papaya, apple, cheeku, sweet lime and khajur (soaked in water) also anjeer can be taken. After some days take liquid diet twice in a day at 8 am and 4 pm. Otherwise in the af-ternoon and evening take normal balanced diet. This kind of diet will detoxify the body and you feel fresh.
  • Liquid diet will reduce the weight, so don’t get upset in the further step weight will be gained.
  • Vegetable and fruit juices have different effect on the body. Fruit juices  act fast in the body. Fruit juice detoxify the body and then energise it. That is why fruit juices are better than the vegetable juices.

Diseases cured by liquid diet

  • Aam panna (Mango Recipe) is a good in summers, it saves from heat stroke.