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Fasting for good health

Fasting is willingly abstaining from some OR all types of food & drink, for mostly a day or a specific time period. While fasting indulging in sexual activities is avoided, also to refrain from eating meat or poultry products. In traditional sense complete fast is abstinence of all food and liquids.  Fasting can be total or partial & may be prolonged or intermittent till the time period of fasting. Fasting can be practiced in number of ways. Skipping breakfast or under eating or taking food only once a day is called partial fasting. Some people break their fast with staple food. Some people keep fast without taking water.

Fasting has very important place in everybody's life. In one way or another fasting is a friend to our health because it gives rest to our digestive system. It also gives rest to our body organ. Generally to satisfy our hunger, we consume all such food we find, while overeating, we neglect that food we are eating is beneficial or harmful for our health. So fasting help us in getting us more self control and reduce the chances of intake of junk food.

From ancient times people have a system of keeping fast on the occasion of traditional festivities but more then that fasting has a special significance in respect of health. In some cultures like Indians mostly ladies keep fast with different aims. Unmarried girls do fasting with a wish to find a good life partner, married women keep fast for long life of their husbands or to wish peace & happiness for their families.

Importance of Days of Fasting

It is recommended that all the persons should keep a fast once in a week. People who have lost their temper with increasing age should do fasting on Monday. Monday is the Moon day and on this special day, Sun,  earth and Moon are in such a position that they leaves peaceful effect on our body. Fasting on Tuesday is good to get good results of all our deeds, The people willing to attain spiritual knowledge should do fasting on Wednesday, Wednesday is best for attaining enlightenment. Fasting on Thursday is good for people having shallow thinking. Men suffering from premature ejaculation should fast on Friday because Friday promotes power, virility, beauty and quantity of semen. For avoiding all sorts of troubles and difficulties, fasting on Saturday is preferred. Sunday is the day of Sun, so in order to attain good health & virility, one should do fasting on Sunday.

 Pregnant ladies, Nursing mothers, children, heart & diabetes patients should not do fasting. While fasting, person should only eat home preparations. Person should never use greasy & heavy food while fasting.  When fasting person may take green vegetables, tomato with lemon water for Vitamin C. Fruits may also give a number of vitamins to the person keeping fast.  Fruits, Vegetables & dry fruits are also anti oxidants. While cooking food roasted food is better and fried food should be avoided.

Breaking Fast

When breaking fast lot of precautions are required. If the fast is not broken properly with care lot of harmful consequences can occur in long run. During fasting the digestive system of any person becomes weak so while breaking the fast, person should use mixture of water & fruit juice to ready the digestive system for accepting the food once again.

Uses of Fast

Researches have proved that keeping regular fasts increase the age of person. For disorders like joint pains, gout, digestive system, asthma, psoriases, eczema, piles, swelling, obesity & leanness, the process of fasting is very beneficial.