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Healthy Baby

For a mother, ensuring her child’s health is the biggest challenge. A child needs love, sense of security, cleanliness and milk to fill its stomach. Come let us learn to keep a child healthy and disease-free.After coming out of its mother’s womb, the environment of the child changes. Because of this change in environment, the child sometimes becomes very irritable and keeps screaming and crying or falls sick. Keep new born babies wrapped in clothes for some days. This keeps the child warm and it feels that it is still in the mother’s womb.

  • New born babies do not cry only when they are hungry. There are many more reasons such as a wet nappy, stomach ache or indication of any other problem. Try to understand the signs shown by your baby so that he or she always remains healthy.
  • A baby’s stomach is very small and he frequently feels hungry. He makes this known by crying. Keeping feeding milk to your child frequently.
  • If we overeat, we get acidity. This happens not only with us but even with babies. Majority of mothers feed milk to their babies and make them go to sleep. This causes acidity in the child. To prevent this from happening to your child, make the child burp after each feed. To do this, lay the child by his stomach on your shoulder. As soon as there is pressure on the baby’s stomach, he will burp which ensures that he will not have stomach ache or acidity.
  • Keep taking your baby for regular check-up with the doctor. If the child keeps crying even after his stomach is full, then surely he is being bothered by some problem. In a situation like this, take your baby to a child specialist and know about the child’s internal problems, if any.
  • If your baby cannot digest milk, then while warming milk, in 200ml milk, add 1 gm (or 1-2 grains) of Choti Peepal or Pippali. When the milk is warmed, remove this Pippali and throw. The Peepal destroys the doshas in the milk and makes it harmless to have.
  • Boil Pippali in milk and strain. This milk is good for the baby’s spleen.
  • Mother shouldn’t feed her child when she is in a state of anger.
  • If the mother drinks a glass of water before she feeds the child, then the child gets the milk fast and does not suffer from loose motions or vomiting.
  • If half a spoon of saunf is added to milk and boiled, the milk becomes light and healthy.
  • Soak one spoon saunf overnight in half cup water. In the morning, mash the saunf and strain the water. This water should be mixed with milk to prevent wind, etc. in the baby’s stomach.
  • If a green cardamom (peel and seeds separated) is boiled with milk, the milk becomes light and appetizing. If a baby cannot digest milk or there is rumbling in the stomach after drinking milk, then for a few days, give him milk as detailed above.
  • If there is light diarrhoea in the child, there is no need to stop milk but there is a need to bring about a change in his food—e.g. giving mashed bananas, light kichdi mixed with curd. Giving a mix of sugar and salt in water is also very important for the condition of dysentery with vomiting when the child’s body loses a lot of water, salt and sodium.
  • Make sugar-salt water for children in the following way: In a glass (200ml) add one pinch of powdered salt, one pinch of edible soda, one teaspoon of sugar and mix well. If glucose is added, then use a greater quantity than sugar and if jaggery is used, add a be-tel-nut sized ball and make a mix and then keep covered in a glass vessel for use later. Keep feeding the child half spoon of this mix every half hour. Continue giving this as long as the diarhoea continues and till urination does not take place twice.