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Swami Ramdev Medicines

About Baba Ramdev

Swami Ramdev born in a small village of Haryana, child Ramkrishna (Ramdev) studied only upto eighth class became and he paralyzed by the Godly designs. His parents were incapable of administering expensive allopathic treatment. With God’s grace constant practices of yogic asanas and administration of herbal medicines proved miraculous and the child became completely normal. Third eye in the eyebrow center opened, it was due to charismatic Kapalbhati. Since then there was no looking back. He got admission in Gurukul and learnt yogic activities from Master yogi Swami Baldev Bhayi. Went to the caves in the Himalayas for meditation and invoked divine powers. 

Baba Ramdev Medicines

Baba Ramdev Medicines are manufactured by  Divya Pharmacy Ltd. in Haridwar, Uttarakhand of India. Not only ayurvedic medicines but household products like: Soap, Wheat flour, Sugar, Spices, Lentils, Rice, Dish washers, Supplements, Noodles  and many other hundreds of products are available under Patanjali Products brand. These products are good in quality and also cheaper then other brands available in the market. Swami Ramdev medicines are very effective and positive reviews for healing different kind of ailments naturally. They are made as per Ayurveda sidhanta and followed under modern quality guidelines.

Establishment of Divya Yog Mandir

 After pursuing the resolution in 1995 Baba Ramdev established Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) in Kripalu Bag Ashram situated in Kankhal of Haridwar. He did it with the support of Swami Muktananda and Acharya Balkrishna under the disciplines of Swami Shankardev ji. The child Ramkrishna chose renunciation straight after the celibacy and became famous as Baba Ramdev. He had already vowed to rescue the mankind with the help of yoga and ayurveda.

Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna

Archarya Balkrisna also started accompanying him going neck in neck with him. This pair of Swami Ramdev and Balkrishna blew the beagle of Indian philosophy and ayurveda not only in India but across the USA, UK, China. Long ago I had written a kundli – When the yoga became the yog in USA, only then the Indians could understand it.

Baba Ramdev reversed even this when he roared right in front of the British Dynasty ‘would these English people teach us yoga who could not even pronounce this word properly?’ Baba’s statement had merits. This soul statement from Baba Ramdev found its place in the hearts of VIPs residing in foreign countries.

Swami ramdev in media

Today billions of people all across the globe are glued to Baba Ramdev through the medium of Aastha Channel which is not an ordinary thing. Therefore it is no exaggeration in stating that more than a billion people in the entire world is directly or indirectly associated with yoga through International Aastha. Even the literal meaning of ‘yoga’ is the union which Baba has held true. Once in advisor position of ‘Rashtriya Sahara’ news daily, my intimate friend Madhavkant Mishra brought Aastha Channel to north India. He gave break to Baba Ramdev after instructing him to limit it to the spiritual discussions only but Baba took the revolutionary step even here and created a stir on the medical field by combining yoga and ayurveda.


Some people could not digest the increasing fame of Baba and they started negative campaigning against Baba with the help of media. The quality of herbal medicines prepared in the Divya yoga pharmacy was doubted (by them). When these medicines were tested in the lab all the allegations proved baseless and Baba came out spotless amidst the acid test. This resulted in the unexpected increase in demand of medicines of his pharmacy. The feat Baba has achieved by working (tirelessly) from 3.30 in the morning till 10 in the night all through the three sixty five days of the year working with generous thought, difficult practice and firm decision is rarely achievable by anyone.

Swami ramdev Yoga

Not only in India but in the other countries of the world the auspicious service Baba is offering with the help of yogic science camps is commendable beyond words. He manages to conduct all the eight practices of external pranayama so comfortably (right) from 5 o’ clock in the morning and it is indeed commendable and worshipable. Like self acclaimed gurus of today Baba does not give any secret mantra by whispering in the ears rather he gives the mantra to expel the impurities accumulated in the stomach by constantly practicing kapalbhati pranayam which he teaches by doing himself and simultaneously demonstrating it through his trained practioners. Baba Ramdev clearly states not to take the medicines from his pharmacy. If one is able to live with restrains and does pranayama and yogic practices for 20 to 40 minutes daily then he will be healthy for whole of his life this is guaranteed.