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Keep your kidneys healthy with Yoga

Kidneys do the work of a sieve. It purifies blood by removing urea, acid and other harmful substances. The human body has two kidneys, which are located at the posterior part of the abdomen, behind the intestines, on left and right sides of the spine, near the ribs. They are purple in colour and bean-shaped. A kidney is made up of thousands of tiny tubules. These tubules are very long but their width is very less. Apart from these tubules, there are arteries, veins, nerves, nephrons, collecting ducts and vat sutra. All these are held together by a mass of fibrous tissue.

The reason for kidney failure

Eating protein-rich food such as rice, dals without skins along with other heavy food, and intake of
cigarettes and alcohol lead to build-up of urea in the blood. If the other two organs that purify blood—lungs and skin—are not maintained properly, a lot of stress falls on the kidneys. This leads to kidney failure. Taking in less oxygen, lack of exercise, living in air-conditioned rooms or lack of perspiration reduces the
level of purification of blood. Drinking a lot of tea or coffee reduces thirst which in turn means that less water is drunk. Mental stress also leads to kidney diseases. Increase of urea in blood leads to stone formation in
kidneys. This too leads to kidney failure.


Stay on vegetable juice, fruit juice and coconut water for as long as you can. You can also take vegetable
soup but avoid tomato and spinach. In the morning, add lemon juice to water that has
kept in a copper glass and drink. Drink 2 to 2.5 litres of water each day. In this, add lemon juice once or twice. Have just one meal a day in which you should include salad, vegetable and chapattis made of whole-wheat flour. In case of dal, first sprout them and then steam them for eating. The rest of the time drink fruit juice, raw vegetable juice, eat fruits or homemade paneer and have milk once or twice. Completely avoid fried and oily food.

If the urine flow is low, mix 300gm milk and 700gm water. In this, add alum (phitkiri phulakar). If this lassi
of raw milk is drunk 3-4 times a day, urine flow becomes free. Green coriander paste can also be added to water and drunk for free flow of urine. If there is complaint of high flow of urine, then eat roasted channa with gur (jaggery), methi saag (fenugreek greens), besan (gramflour)-methi (fenugreek) chapatti, or gur and til (sesame seeds) laddus. Completely stop intake of meat and alcohol. These two are the main culprits for kidney damage. Also, stop intake of salt or reduce the amount taken.

Yogic remedies

Yogic treatment has been found to be very successful in kidney diseases. Practitioners of yoga and pranayam are never affected by kidney disorder and their kidneys get stronger day by day.

Surya Namaskar is a complete exercise. It improves the health of the stomach, intestine, abdomen, heart and lungs, which is good for the kidneys as well. This is good for diabetic patients also. It makes the spinal
column and waist flexible keeping them free from the effects of aging. Do it twice a day.

Supt Brajasan should be done—it is good for the kidneys. It prevents shrinkage of the navel. This asana
stretches the lower abdomen, which activates the large intestine and prevents constipation. The person finds himself free from disease.

Saskasan is good for the alimentary canal, liver, stomach and kidneys and strengthens them. It removes
mental illness, stress, anger, irritation, bad temper, etc. It gives regular exercise to the heart. Women’s uterus gets strength. The fat accumulation in stomach, waist and hips is reduced.

Gomukhasan strengthens the liver, kidneys and breasts. It provides relief in joint pain and rheumatism. It is also beneficial for semen disorder, diabetes and women diseases.

Makarasan is also good for kidneys. It is particularly beneficial for asthma, lungs and joint pain. It is also good for slip disc, cervical and sciatica.

Dhanuasan strengthens kidneys and prevents urine disorders. It prevents urine problems that occur because of fear. It is beneficial for problems related to women’s monthly periods. It stops shrinkage of navel. It makes the spinal column flexible and healthy. It is good for cervical, spondolytis, backache and stomach ailments.

Ustrasan is good for respiratory organs. It regulates the working of the lungs, which provides relief to the
kidsneys. It prevents ll ailments of the spinal column. It is also beneficial for thyroid.
Sarwagasan also helps in keeping kidneys healthy and keeps them safe from damage.
Mastyasan also keeps kidneys healthy. It is very good for the abdomen. It stops constipation by exercising
the alimentary canal, which has a good effect on the kidneys. It stops shrinkage of navel. It is good for lung disorders. It also keeps the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands healthy.

Bhujangasan also helps in keeping the kidneys healthy. It stops constipation. All backbone problems
including cervical, spondlysis and slip disc are helped by this asana.

Ardhyamastyanasan is also very good for the kidneys.

Kapalbhati pranayam, if regularly practised, is beneficial for reducing fat, diabetes, gas, constipation,
acidity, kidneys and prostate. It has good effect on heart, lungs and head. It gets rid of dangerous problems like constipation. All cough-related illnesses, asthma, cold, allergy, etc are removed by this asana.

Nadi-shodhan Pranayam cleanses all conducting ducts of the body. All problems related to urine, dhatu,
semen, acidity, lungs, etc. are removed, keeping the kidneys healthy. It stops dysentery, rheumatism, gout, cramps, weakness of breasts, etc., making the whole body healthy.

Agnisar Kriya, is practised regularly, prevents indigestion. Digestion takes place properly and
constipation, gas, burping, ulcer, etc. problems of the stomach are all remedied. Appetite improves. Fat
accumulation, diabetes and urine problems are all solved. It reduces burning ensation while urinating. It is excellent for the kidneys.

Uddiyan Bandh takes care of all problems related to the abdomen and makes the kidneys healthy. It
rejuvenates the senses and also cleanses the Manipur (a ganglion near the navel) cycle.

Natural remedies Apply hot compress for 3 minutes and cold compress for 2 minutes at the back, behind the stomach, five times. Or else, you can also apply hot compress for 10 minutes.
After this, apply a mud plaster and keep for half an hour to get relief.

Take a steam bath for 10 minutes and get the sweat out or take a hot feet bath. Perspiration is a good way to keep kidneys healthy. Let your body sweat during hot weather. Do not use coolers. Practise kunjal once or twice a week and jal neti everyday. This activates the lungs, which reduces the stress to lungs and gives them relief.