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Ways to avoid Jaundice

Jaundice attacks when there is a problem in the liver. This is also called Pilia in Hindi. Medical science calls it jaundice. Every way this disease is a dangerous disease. Sometimes the disease can affect to or extent that the patient dies. The incidence of the disease is more after the rainy season and during the winter season, this diseases happens less during summer season. It is also called acute infective hepatitis or kamlabai. In our country jaundice has spread like epidemic many times. Youth and children are affected more by this disease. However adults can also suffer. The patient of this disease show yellow nails and eyes. A progress in the disease show a yellow skin. When the secretion of bile stops then it mingles with blood and spreads in the entire body. This disease spreads from the patients excreta, infected water, milk and food stuff. The virus from the patient reaches healthy persons through contact, food, and water. This way a healthy person is also afflicted by this disease. This disease can happen at any time of the year but from august to October the severity is high. In this the viral Hepatitis B is more dangerous. The patient dies in case of liver failure. Sometimes the patient faints. A peculiar smell is emanated from his breath. Sometimes this disease becomes chronic.


  • The color of the eyes and nails become yellow.
  • Color of the urine and skin becomes yellow.
  • Appetite of the patient dims and he becomes irritable.
  • Patient loses the taste of oily food.
  • Patient feels nausea and sometimes vomits.
  • Patient feels tired and weak.
  • Patient has temperature.
  • Patient feels pain just below the right shoulder.
  • Patient trembles in this disease.
  • If the disease progresses patient is drowsy sleepy and faints.
  • Patient starts seeing everything yellow.
  • The pulse becomes heavy and patient suffer from headache.
  • The taste becomes bitter .
  • There is a swelling in the liver which shows as a pain and heaviness below his right ribs.
  • The condition of the patient is low in evening.
  • The stool of the patient becomes yellow or black.


There can be many reasons of jaundice but basically there are four reasons for the spread of the disease.

  1. Due to the enlargement of liver
  2. Some barrier in the body.
  3. Loss of blood.
  4. Infection with the disease causing germ.

Jaundice due to enlargement of liver. When this happens the liver is afflicted and infected and as a result the liver swells. In such a state the liver cannot use the bilirubin properly and this is accumulated in the blood. In this stage the urine color becomes yellow but stool is normal. Bile comes out from the spit and even from the sweat of the patient. The bile is mixed in the blood. The patient loses his appetite.

Jaundice due to some barrier in the body

Many time the bile duct shrinks due to stone, tumor, knot, birth defect, round worm or plastic surgery. As result there develops a barrier in the gall bladder and the bile doesn’t reach the duodenum and directly gets into the blood. This type of jaundice happens due to this. The colour of the patient urine is yellow and the stool is either white or like earth. Patient is unable to digest fat and the stool starts decomposing in the body. Level cholesterol, and bile increases in the blood and also the blood clotting time. There is an immense itching. The liver enlarges, the conjunctiva of the eyes become yellow. They patient may or may not suffer from anemia.

Jaundice due to loss of blood

When the red blood cells decrease in the body then also jaundice can happen. The Red Blood Cells get destroyed due to infection with the germs of the following diseases: kalazar, malaria, typhoid, black fever. Due to transfusion of the wrong blood group, cognitive reasons and also due to pernicious anaemia large number of RBC’s get destroyed and jaundice happens. Medically this stage is also called “icterus.” In this the liver enlarges but the colour of stool and urine is normal.

Jaundice due to infection with the disease causing germ.

Germs like “syphilis”, “typhiris”, septicaemia, “relapsing malaria”, “pneumonia”, “pregnancy toxins”, “chemical toxins” in which trinitro, “asimobezol”, “arsenic”, “phosphorous”, “ether”, “teraclothane”, “cinofame”, etc. chemicals can induce jaundice upon their toxic infection. In this type of jaundice there is not much change in the colour of stool. Due to this the extent of effect and infection is not known. In this the symptoms of jaundice are not revealed thus the disease becomes severe.

Home Remedies

  • The jaundice patient should drink plenty of sugarcane juice.
  • The jaundice patient should drink radish juice.
  • The patient should drink glucose dissolved in water.
  • The patient should drink the equal quantity of juice of radish and rasbhari.
  • Soak Indian myrobalan in the cow urine for one week. Then dry it completely and make powder. Take this powder and consume one teaspoon with water everyday.
  • The patient should take proper rest and should not do strenuous work.

Herbal Remedies

  • Take one tender leaf of aak, put it inside beetel leaf. Eating this will help in jaundice.
  • Take the five parts of Malabar nut, extract the juice, drinking this cures jaundice.
  • To remove the weakness of liver and cure jaundice eat chutney made of amla and honey twice a day.
  • Dry pomegranate leaves in shade dry them.It should be taken with the buttermilk made out of cow milk along with the cheese of the same buttermilk.
  • Grind root of anant mool 2 gm and 12 pepper corns with 25 gm water. Drinking this removes the yellowness from the eyes and also the fever and loss of appetite is removed.
  • Grind seeded big raisins ( munnaca) around 500 gm on stone old ghee 2 kg and water 8 kg. Cook all together. When only ghee remains then strain it. Consume 3gm morning and evening this will help in jaundice.
  • In jaundice consumption of 3-6 gm powder root of aparajita with buttermilk helps .
  • Mix equal quantity of acacia flower and sugar. Take thrice a day around 10 gms to relieve jaundice.
  • Take 10ml punarva juice and half grm ground bavchi seed (Psoralea Corylifolia). Take it twice a day it helps. ( remember bavchi seeds induce vomiting)
  • Take 10 gm - 30 gm juice of tender leaf of wood apple and add half gm pepper powder. relieves jaundice.
  • 7 gm fresh and clean leaves of bhangara should be ground, add 7 gm peper powder in the poultice and take it empty stomach every morning with sour curd.
  • Bhui amla 10 gm root ground when taken with 250 ml milk on an empty stomach cure jaundice.
  • Make pieces of sugarcane and keep it on roof in dew. In the morning after brushing teeth suck the juice. This will show results in 4 days.
  • If a pregnant women has jaundice and if it is in initial stage 10 gm paste of castor leaves removes the swelling and relieves jaundice.
  • 1 kg tinospara (giloy) juice, 250 gm kand poultice, 4 kg milk and 1 kg ghee of buffalo. Put it on slow flame. When only the ghee remains strain and keep aside. Take the 10 gm ghee morning and evening with 1 glass milk. It helps in jaundice.
  • 10-20 ml of aloe vera juice when taken two to three times daily removes the stoppage in the bile duct. It also removes the yellowness of the eyes and constipation.
  • In jaundice taking 12 gm turmeric with 50 gm curd help.
  • Take iron ash, myrobalan, turmeric in equal quantities. Take 500 mg to 1 gm should be taken with 1 gm ghee or honey or jiggery. The patient should take this three times.
  • Mix 2 tbsp honey in 10-15 gm Indian black plum (jamun) juice. Eat this to relieve jaundice.
  • Take 10-15 juice of bitter gourd. Rub big myrobalan and let the patient consume that . It will help in jaundice.
  • Grend kasmard (Cassia Sophera Linn) 20 gm leaves with 20 pepper and sieve, It take morning and evening. It helps to cure jaundice.
  • Make a decoction of the leaves of black nightshade and 3-4 drops of acid of sal ammoniac. Taking morning and evening cures liver enlargement. In 60-70 gm of decoc add 2-5 gm turmeric this cures jaundice.
  • Take 5 gm henna leaves. Soak overnight in earthen pot. In the morning mash and strain and let the patient drink. Even chronic jaundice is cured.
  • Boil radish leaves with water. A froth forms on top sieve and drink. This helps in jaundice.
  • Take powder of five parts of neem tree abt 1 gm with 5 gm ghee and 10 gm honey twice a day to jaundice.
  • Applying lemon juice in the eyes removes jaundice.
  • 3-4 new leaves of peepal should be grind together with 250 ml water and sugar. Sieve and give this sherbet to the patient twice a day for 3-5 days. This is a sure shot treatment. Take number of leaf as per stage of disease.
  • Punarva is a beneficial medicine in jaundice..10-20 gm of powder, five parts of punarva. Taken with 24 gm myrobalan.
  • 10 gm giloy juice add in it 8-10 drops of satmaanashi oil. Take morning and evening , this cures jaundice.
  • Giving one by one ginger, triphala, and jiggery cures jaundice.
  • The severity of the disease declines if a bay leaf is eaten daily.


Jaundice patient should eat light and easily digestible food. Food should be iron rich and vitamin-C rich. Sugarcane juice, sweetlime juice, tomato juice, lime water, amla juice, carrot juice, orange juice and radish juice should be given to the patient. Following vegetables are advised : spinach, methi, gourd, bathua, parwal, apple, sapota, cucumber, chauli, raisins, papaya, fig, dates, grapes. Give only boiled water to the patient. Moong and masoor dal should be given. He should be given soup of kulthi without chilli. Pomegranate juice should be given. Give ample amount of fluid like buttermilk. Arhar and wheat flour chapatti can be given to the patient. Patient can also eat custard apple, pineapple, plum, lichee, and citrus fruits. Boiled potato and sweet potato can be given for liver, buttermilk is the best protein drink.

Food to Avoid

Jaundice patient should not eat fried and oily food. He should not eat ghee, oil, butter, cream. In vegetables patient should not eat okra, cauliflower, arbi, brinjal, etc. Patient should totally avoid alcohol and tobacco. Tea coffee, red chilli, hot spices, and salt should not be consumed. Patient should rest and avoid stress. Patient should not ignore nature call. Patient should forget worry, and fear.