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Liver Diseass: Causes and Cure

The patient should not do self-medication in case of liver disease. However, the medicine can be taken after consultation with the doctor. The myths prevalent with respect to liver failure should be avoided and try to get the correct and detailed information about liver.
Life is incomplete without liver. In other words, a person cannot live even for one minute without liver. Liver is situated on the right upper side of the stomach. This is the biggest organ of the body. It completes the chemical processes inside the body, which produce necessary elements and enzymes for the body. It is the place where pitta is produced. Pitta proves helpful in the absorption of LDE; a dissolvable vitamin present in the fat, this fat is present in the intestines. Liver has the special quality to inactivate the harmful elements, toxins and medicines. The liver weighs 1.5 kilo in an adult. Liver also produces the elements necessary for blood clotting and dissolving. This is the place where several vitamins are also produced. These vitamins are very necessary for the body. It also produces blood proteins. Blood cells can also be produced in liver if necessary. Liver plays an important role in controlling the blood glucose level. Healthy liver is necessary for healthy body. Liver has a specialty to protect and maintain its health. Another important point about liver is that liver can be constructed if the functioning remains 10-20 percent.
Different myths are prevalent with respect to liver. The mothers take their children to the doctor when the child suffers from loose motions, does not drink milk, become weak. The baby is under weight due to weakness and suffers from loose motions. The mother thinks that baby is suffering from liver disorder. The children generally suffer from the above problems due to malnutrition and lack of hygiene but not because of liver disorder. Many doctors and quacks misguide them and charge heavy amounts. They give different types of tonics and medicines. The child actually requires balanced food and hygiene instead of tonics and medicines. Similarly when adults suffer from indigestion, stomachache, loose motions, weight loss then it is considered to be liver disorder. But this is not the truth. Adults can suffer from the above problems due to other reasons. A qualified doctor should be consulted if the above are notice and proper tests should be done for treatment.
It has been mentioned earlier that liver has the quality of protecting itself. But many times liver becomes diseased due to several reasons. When liver stops functioning properly then it is known as liver failure. This condition could be extremely dangerous in the absence of proper treatment. Liver failure leads to the accumulation of several intoxicants in the body. It has negative impact on heart, kidneys, and intestines. Jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis are the main diseases affecting the liver. Liver cirrhosis can also occur due to excessive consumption of alcohol, medicines and toxic things.


Excessive consumption of alcohol damages the liver. It increases the risk of liver cirrhosis. If alcohol consumption is reduced then the risk of this disease can be reduced. Those who have weak liver have the risk of infection. Sometimes fasting also increases the risk of liver damage. Medicines like morphine etc. harm the liver cells. The amoeba parasites or hidetid reach the liver through blood and turn into cysts. Alcohol consumption causes hepatitis B, virus, fungus or infection or consumption of contaminated food excretes harmful toxins, which increases the risk of cirrhosis. Besides this cancer produced in other parts of the body reaches liver and causes cancer. Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E spread in our body through virus. Such diseases are known as viral hepatitis. Hepatitis A and E diseases occur due to contaminated water, food, and eatables.
Hepatitis B, C, D diseases occur when the healthy person comes in contact with diseased person through
blood, infected sperm, and sexual intercourse. This disease can spread through infected syringes, using infected tools on the body, ear piercing, nose piercing, tooth extraction, operation, shaving, acupuncture, head shaving, infected blood transfusion, sexual acts with infected people and it also passes from infected mothers to babies.

The person suffering from viral hepatitis complains of loss of appetite, vomiting, discomfort, mild fever, body ache, pain in the right upper side of the stomach, bad taste and jaundice. The eyes and skin becomes yellow and the colour of the urine also becomes yellow. Hepatitis A infection is the most common disease. The people suffering from this disease recover themselves within a few weeks or with medication. Hepatitis A infection can prove dangerous for pregnant women.
This virus spreads gradually in the body and the liver gets damaged after sometime. This increases the risk of liver cirrhosis.

In the preliminary stage the behaviour and nature of the patient changes. They get into fights and quarrels unnecessarily and get from the bed and run. The respiration becomes fast and uncontrolled. There is shivering in hands and legs. The patient experiences jerks and becomes unconscious. The blood is excreted from the intestines and comes out from the mouth in the form of blood. Liver cirrhosis is the most critical disease of the liver that prolongs for long duration. The liver cells get damaged and the liver shrinks and becomes hard.  This disease occurs due to alcohol consumption for long time and hepatitis
B infection. The children suffer from a special type of liver cirrhosis. If the child is given milk boiled in brass vessel then it could suffer from this kind of problem. The brass particles enter the body of the child through milk and accumulate in the liver. This damages the liver and the child suffers from cirrhosis.

The cells get damaged in this case and the patient does not have any specific complaint in the beginning. The patient complains of loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, weakness and jaundice after some time. This disease increases gradually. The outcome of this disease is liver failure. The stomach swells; water gets accumulated in the stomach, the body swells, and blood vomiting take place. The faecal matter is black coloured and sticky. The patient finally dies.

Liver diseases also occur in the body due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The patient suffers from
fatty liver in the initial stage and later suffers from alcohol hepatitis. The patient can recover if alcohol consumption is stopped and proper treatment is taken. If alcohol consumption is not stopped then it results in liver cirrhosis. This is a very dangerous stage. Women drink alcohol in little quantities yet can suffer from this problem.

Proved and tested treatment

  • Divya Sarvakalp quath should be taken to prevent hepatitis A, B and C. Cook one to two spoons of Sarvakalp quath in 400 ml water till it reduces to 100 ml. Take it before breakfast and dinner. It strengthens the liver, overcomes jaundice, liver enlargement, mild urination, swelling, body swelling, stomachache, indigestion, loss of appetite etc.
  • Mix 10 gm Divya Praval Panchamrit, 5 gm Divya Kasis bhasma, 5 gm Divya Swarnamakshik bhasma, 10 gm Divya Amritasatva, 3 gm Divya Swarna Basant and make 60 pouches. Take one dose one hour before breakfast and dinner with honey or hot water.
  • Mix 40 gm each of Divya Argoyavardhini Vati and Divya Punarnavadi Madoor and 60 gm of Divya Udaramrita vati. Take one tablet each after breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water or milk to reduce liver swelling.
  • Take 100 gm Divya Kayakalp quath, 200 gm Divya Sarvakalp quath. Boil spoonful medicine in 400 gm water till it reduces to 100 gm. Take twice daily before meals to cure liver cirrhosis.
  • Take 60 gm Divya Udaramritavati, 40 gm Divya Argogyavardhini. Take one tablet each after breakfast and meals with lukewarm water three to four times daily for relief.
  • Extract one-cup juice from 25 gm each of punarnava mool, Shyonak skin, and panchang of Bhoomi Amala. All the herbs should be fresh. Take this juice twice daily to cure jaundice and hepatitis.
  • Drink cow urine to get relief from swelling of liver along with curing common ailments. The patient should take 10-15 ml cow urine daily twice daily. The cow urine should be sieved with an eight-fold cloth before drinking.

Herbal cure

  • Mix 250 gm to 350 gm of fresh mango juice, 50 ml lukewarm cow milk, little bit of ginger juice and spoonful tea and beat in a bronze plate. Drink it when it becomes diluted. Regular consumption for two to three weeks proves to be beneficial.
  • Apply Ajowan Khurasini oil on painful area to cure chronic liver pain.
  • Drink 40-60 gm Akashballi quath and grind and apply on liver to cure liver enlargement.
  • Drink 5 to 10 ml Akashballi juice to cure constipation caused due to liver enlargement.
  • Grind 10 gm myrobalan dried in shade and boil in 400 gm water in a ceramic vessel till it reduces to one-fourth quantity. Sieve it and drink on empty stomach in the morning and one hour before dinner. This is beneficial in case of liver swelling, jaundice etc.
  • Mix two to three gram cardamom powder with mustard powder and take it regularly to remove accumulated toxins in liver.
  • Take one to two gram cardamom churna for special relief.
  • Carrot kept in marinated water overcomes liver enlargement.
  • Grind two gram Ajmod, 18 gm fresh Giloy, two pieces of small Pipal, two neem twigs. Keep it in 250 gm in ceramic vessel at night. Grind and sieve it in the morning and drink it to overcome liver disorder. This medicine should be taken for 10 to 30 days for relief.
  • Black plum seed has iron content. Which is not harmful as it is mild. Therefore take 10 gm of black plum vinegar to cure liver enlargement.
  • Make quath with 10-20 gm Kachnar root skin twice daily in case of swelling of liver.
  • Mix vaividing and 125 mg pipar churna in 10-12 gm Karonj leaves juice and take twice daily after meals for around one week to destroy liver germs.
  • Drink 150-160 gm Makoy juice to cure enlarged liver (chronic case. Heat the juice in a ceramic vessel till it turns red from green and finally to rose. Boil it at night, let it cool and use it.
  • Mix lemon juice and sugar candy in lukewarm water and drink like tea in the morning to improve liver functioning.
  • Add roasted Ajowan and rock salt in lukewarm water and drink for benefit.
  • If the patient suffers from liver enlargement during malaria fever then he should take two gram Nirgundi leaves powder, one gram Harad and 10 ml cow urine. Alternatively, mix Nirgundi churna in 500 mg each of Rasot and Kali Kutaki and take twice daily.
  • Take two to four gram Pippali powder, spoonful honey twice daily to cure liver enlargement.
  • Mix three to four new pipal leaves in water and grind it with sugar candy. Grind it to a fine powder and dissolve in water. Sieve and drink twice or thrice daily. Continue this medicine for four to five days to cure jaundice. This is a sure shot for jaundice.
  • Grind Pitwan panchang coarsely. Take ten gram twice daily with 400 gm water and cook it till it reduces to 100 gm. Sieve it and drink for relief in liver diseases.
  • Make quath with 20 gm drumstick skin and take it with two tablets of Arogya Vardhini thrice daily for relief.
  • Eat vegetable made with drumstick to reduce liver pain.
  • Use 10 to 20 gm Sarfonke root in case of liver enlargement. Take this with two gram Harad and glassful buttermilk twice daily for relief.


Contaminated food, water should not be consumed in order to prevent liver problems and maintain the liver in healthy condition. Do not eat food that is surrounded with flies, kept open and is contaminated. If water appears to be contaminated then boil it first and filter it before using. Avoid consumption of sweets kept in open, cut fruits, juices and other food products. Wash the hands with good soap before eating food and after passing stools. Use disposable syringes for preventing hepatitis B. used sterilized tools for ear piercing, nose piercing, operation etc. do not indulge into sexual acts with others except married partner. Take three vaccinations in one month to prevent hepatitis A and B. the patients of hepatitis should not take alcohol, as it is equal to poison. Do not consume fungus-affected food. Viral hepatitis B can also create cirrhosis. Therefore it should be prevented in any case. Take food in sufficient quantities to keep the liver healthy and disease free.


Eat barley, wheat, chapatti made with gram, kichdi, coarse meal, green leafy vegetables, spinach, fenugreek, bathua, gourd, torai, ghritakumari, tinda, pumpkin, Sespedula, radish, sweet lime, papaya, apple, pomegranate, orange, leechi, coconut water, grapes, sugar, sugar candy, myrobalan, dates, raisins, dry raisins, goat and cow milk, fresh curd, buttermilk, rasagulla, suck sugar cane, and drink its juice.


Pepper, garam masala, oil, sweets, fat rich food, puris, paranthas, potato, cream milk, turmeric, yellow coloured things, kulthi vegetable, rapeseed, garlic, kachori, halva, pizza, burger, tea, coffee, cold drinks, horse bean, kidney beans, lentil, gram, tinned food. The patient should not do self-medication in case of
liver disease. However, the medicine can be taken after consultation with the doctor. The myths prevalent with respect to liver failure should be avoided and try to get the correct and detailed information about liver.