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Improve Sexual power with Unani medicines

The youth in the present generation are falling in the trap of glamour and sex and are failing to maintain their health. Their way of living has changed. The youth is facing a number of problems and contracting different diseases due to bad habits. One main disease is sexual weakness. They are not able to perform sex properly and becoming unhappy. The nature has many herbs, which can bring back the sexual power in youth and increase their happiness. Some of the herbs are – shatavar, badari kand, swallowwort, Ajowan, walnut, Asagandha, acacia, horse bean, bejband, clove, and thorn apple Let us give a brief account of the following herbs.


It is a root of a particular plant. It is light yellow in color. There are long lines over the leaves. This is an important herb to increase the sex power. Shatavar does not allow the minerals to flow in the urine. It thickens the sperm and increases sex desire.

Dosage -> Take sugar candy and shatavar in equal quantities and grind them fine. Take seven grams of the mixture with milk or water.

Other medicinal use:-
• This plant gives milk to the woman who is feeding her baby.
• To get relief from gonorrhea consume fresh roots of shatavar with milk.


This is a root of a poisonous plant. It looks like sweet potato and its leaves are like tube (Arbi) leaves. It is red in color. Its roots are like radish. Each stem of it has seven to eight leaves.

It is very effective in sex related problems for those people who complain of sperm passing with urine or those whose sperm is thin, due to weakness the sperm is thrown out. This disease is known as Girman in Unani language. To get relief from all the above said problems take two to six grams of badari kand powder with milk. This helps in getting sexual power. Women who have problem of white discharge should take badari kand in the same method.

Dosage -> Take two to six grams of badari kand with milk.

Other medicinal use:-
• Gives strength to stomach.
• It gives relief in smelling and formation of tumor.
• It helps in increase of milk for lactating mothers.
• Lean and thin kids can become healthy. Give one gram badri kand powder with honey.


This tree is seen anywhere on a dry and fertile land. It is said that this tree is very poisonous and when taken in more quantity can be fatal. If it is taken in required quantity it may help in curing diseases. Swallowwort is of three categories – shwetark, raktark, and rajarak. Shwetark flower is light yellow with white sparkle and its pollen grains are white in color. It contains more milk. Raktark flowers are white in color from outside and red from inside. The flowers have violet color spots and contain less amount of milk. Rajark plant has only one branch and only four leaves on one branch. The flowers are silver in color. Consuming this flower removes impotency.

Dosage ->
• Mix swallowwort roots powder in the milk thoroughly and set curds. Then take clarified butter out of it. This clarified butter will help in removing impotency.
• Take out the seed from chuaara and fill it with swallowwort milk. Close the mouth with wheat flour and
roast it on fire. When the flour gets roasted then grind the chuara and make them into small tablets. Take one or two tablets with milk in the night. Impotency is controlled and sex power increases.

Other medicinal use:-

White swallowwort flower makes the sperm thick and increases the quantity of sperm. Red swallowwort flower gives relief in phlegm, piles and swelling. Swallowwort helps to cure spleen, vata, stomach
related problems. Swallowwort milk is sticky, oily, hot, sour, light. It cures leprosy. Add little sugar in swallowwort milk and take regularly to cure epilepsy.


Ajowan is being used in India as a medicine since ancient ages. It helps in digestion and increases hun-
ger. It is recommended for women who have just delivered. Ajowan plant is usually one to three feet in height. The fruits are oval or egg shaped. Consuming it gives manly power and relief from gonorrhea disease. This plant is famous as digestive medicine.

Method of use

• Take few drops of Ajowan oil and add sugar in it. Take it twice a day to get relief from gonorrhea disease.
• Mix Ajowan in white onion juice. Add little sugar in it. Consume it thrice a day for one month to control premature ejaculation, impotency and low sperm count.

Other medicinal use:-
• Ajowan is good for killing germs, bacteria and pitta.
• Take clean Ajowan, grind it and make a powder. Take it through the nostrils to get relief from phlegm, which is blocked, in the nose, headache and cold.
• It there is digestion problem and swelling and yellow phlegm comes out with uncontrolled cough then take extract of Ajowan three to four times a day.
• Ajowan with salt taken early morning removes indigestion.
• Ajowan with warm water helps in releasing blocked urine.


Walnut is of two categories: wild walnut and natural walnut. Wild walnut skin is hard and the tree grows by
itself. Natural walnut skin is thin. The kernel of walnut contains oil. In autumn season flowers grow on Walnut trees and in winter season the fruit comes up. Regular consumption helps in controlling sperm discharge.

Dosage -> Make ashes of walnut skin. Add equal quantity of unrefined sugar. Add 15 gm of water in it and take it continuously for 10-15 days twice a day to control sperm discharge.

Other medicinal use:-
• To increase the brainpower consumes 50 gm of walnut daily.
• The skin of the walnut makes the teeth sparkling white.
• Make ash of the walnut skin and use the ash to make the teeth sparkling white.
• Roasted kernel of walnut helps in curing cough.
• Walnut oil massage helps at the time of cholera and cold when the body becomes stiff.


It is very effective in controlling impotency. This plant is found in plenty in dry regions and Himalayas. The original leaves of Asagandha when crushed give a bad odour like that of horse urine. The flowers are green and purple in color. The fruits are red in color and in the shape of green peas. The seeds are round in shape. The roots have oil, which evaporates. It controls phlegm and vata.

Dosage -> It is very effective in controlling impotency. Mix equal quantity of unrefined sugar in it. Take one spoon of this mixture with cow milk two hours before meals. Mix Asagandha powder with jasmine oil and massage on the penis, the penis will become strong.

Other medicinal use:-
• If the heart disease is due to vata then Asagandha powder should be consumed with hot water.
• Take equal quantity of Ashvagandha powder and sugar candy. Take one spoon twice a day with cow
milk. It will control bleeding and white discharge.
• Take Asagandha powder with warm water to cure constipation.
• In arthritis take Asagandha powder with warm milk or water twice a day.
• Taking Asagandha powder with clarified butter made with cow milk and sugar can control hip pain.
• During winter season Asagandha controls the coolness in a week person.


Acacia makes the sperm strong. Every body must be aware of this plant. The skin and gum of acacia is world famous. It is available more in desert region. The leaves are very small and tiny. It is a thorny tree. In summer season yellow color flowers bloom in a bunch. Each fruit contains 10-12 seeds. In summer season gum oozes out from the tree by itself. Acacia is good to con- trol blood pitta and phlegm pitta. The gum controls urination, uterus discharge and swelling.

Dosage-> Dry the fruits in shade. Add sugar candy in equal quantity. Take one spoon of this mixture with water to make the sperm thicker. Fry acacia gum in low flame and consume to increase the sperm quantity.

Other medicinal use:-
• Grind acacia flowers in vinegar and apply on eczema-affected area.
• Tender acacia leaves when grinded and juice applied in eyes controls pain and swelling of eyes.
• To remove bad breathe gargle with quath made with acacia skin.
• Acacia gives sparkling teeth and keeps them disease free.

• Take equal quantity of acacia flowers, skin, leaves and fruits, make a powder. This helps in controlling
teeth related diseases.
• A cloth should be dipped in the gel extracted from acacia fruits and dried. Tie this around the breast to
make them strong.
• Take the powder of acacia flowers and sugar candy in equal quantities to control jaundice.


It is a famous pulse. People eat it with great pleasure, but they are not aware of the fact that it makes
the sperm thicker. Horse bean is green, black in color and white in the middle. It is tasteless. It is effective in sex related problems. It helps in controlling weakness. It also controls the minerals, which are lost in urine. It also makes the bones strong.

Dosage ->  Horse bean powder or halva should be consumed.

Other medicinal use:-
• The women who complain of less milk in the breasts should eat halva made with horse bean. It increases milk.
• For glowing skin apply the paste of horse bean.
• Horse bean helps in making thick and shinning hair


It helps preventing bad dreams. The tree is very tall. Its leaves look like black gram. The flowers are white in color. When the flowers fall down at the empty place it becomes in the shape of a doom. There is a black seed inside it, which looks just like onion seeds. It’s tasteless and bad. Bejband is good for sex related problems. It controls bad dreams and sperm discharge during sleep.

Dosage-> Five grams of bejband should be consumed.

Other medicinal use
• Bejbandh increases the sex desire.
• It gives strength to waist and backbone.
• It makes the sperm thick and gives sex power.


The tree is evergreen and 30-40 feet tall. Cloves are the dry buds, which are dark brown in color. There
is a doom like structure in the middle. They are the petals of the flower and are stuck to each other. It has a stick to hold. It is half an inch in size. It has a good smell, bitter in taste. It is used as a medicine. It is also known as ‘rogne long’. Clove plant has medicinal value. It is affective in sex related problems. Those who are weak and suffer from premature ejaculation problems should use this medicine. It is very effective for those who have the habit of masturbation and whose penis is weak.

Dosage -> For sex power and longer duration of sex, patients should be given half-gram clove with manjun. Patients who masturbate should apply clove paste or massage clove oil on their penis.

Other medicinal use:-
• Apply clove paste on the boils.
• Massage clove oil on the swellings and pain due to cold.
• Clove makes the gums strong and prevents tooth decay.
• Clove paste when applied in the eyes improves eyesight.
• Clove can be made as spice in food.
• Clove can be given to people suffering from indigestion, liver problem, and stomachache.
• Clove oil gives strength to stomach.
• Clove helps in quick digestion.


It helps in sex power and controls gonorrhea disease. Thorn apple plants are available in all parts of ndia. The leaves are long and the fruits are round in shape like lemon. The seeds are flat and light brown in color.

Dosage -> Massage thorn apple seeds oil on the penis before intercourse. This increases its strength. Roast the thorn apple leaves on the fire and apply on the swelling.

Other medicinal use:-
• Take three to four seeds of thorn apple daily to get relief from headache.
• Juice of tender leaves of thorn apple when applied on the eyes gives relief from pain.
• Tying hot thorn apple leaves can relieve piles problem and breast swelling.
• Woman who has more milk and tumor should tie thorn apple leaves on the breasts.
• Grind thorn apple leaves, fruits and branches to powder. Take them as a cigarette, it helps in breathing
• swallow thorn apple pollens in sugar cake to relieve cholera.
• Grind thorn apple leaves and apply the paste on scorpion bite.


Fistula of the anus, syphilis, and piles patients should consume castor to get relief from pain.  Castor plants are thin and tall. They are eight to fifteen feet tall. Their branches are green in color. The leaves are broad. The flowers are violet in color and have a green color cover. The fruits contain three seeds. This is very useful in weak penis. Castor oil is good for skin.

Dosage->  Take sweet oil and castor seeds in equal quantity and cook them. Apply daily on the penis to get relief from weak penis.

Other medicinal use:-
• If the skin has cracked around the breasts then castor oil gives relief.
• If the patient is suffering from appendicitis then he should take 10 gm of castor oil everyday. He can
avoid operation.

• If the skin near the anal region has cracked then he should be given castor every day in the nighttime.
• the women should heat and tie the leaves of castor on the stomach to make menstrual cycle regular.
• Grind castor seeds, heat it and apply to get relief from kidney pain.


Gorakhmundi plants are available in heights in cold regions in forest and Himachal Pradesh. In winter season it blooms and later bares fruits. The plants are two to three feet tall. The steams are tender, the fruits are small and are violet in color. Gorakhmundi makes the heart, brain, and liver strong. Consume it to get rid of discharge of vital humours from the body and impotency.

dosage-> To get rid of this disease mix Gorakhmundi powder in cow milk. Grind Gorakhmundi tender roots extract and sesame in betel leaf Add good quantity of water. Cook it. When the oil is left out remove from flame and filter it. Apply this oil on the penis and massage. It removes impotency.

Other medicinal use:-
• Grind Gorakhmundi seeds and sugar. It helps inlongivity.
• Take Gorakhmundi with cow and goat milk to get relief from gas.