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Cure for White patches

This disease is known bohak in Arabian language, Safed dag. in Hindi, shwet kust in Sanskrit, pandre dag in Marathi, Lukoderma, and vitiligo, in English. Colour of our body depends upon the color pigments. These are known as melanoeties. There is a color by name melanine. If there is any problem in these melanoeties then there is malfunction and white color patches are formed. The white patches on the skin are known as vitiligo. Sometimes white patches occur due to allergy or due to shoes, slippers but they cannot be known as Lukoderma. This disease is not harmful or does not affect the immune system of the body. But a person is affected mentally due to this disease. He suffers from inferiority complex. The patient keeps himself away from others, he gets negative thoughts all the time. In our country this disease is considered to be very

bad. But, it is not contagious. However, the patient does not suffer from any pain but feels embarrassed. The ratio of such people in the complete world is 1-2%. This disease is seen from ancient age. 30%
of the cases are hereditary. This disease occurs to people of any age group. This is not due to germs, bac-
teria or virus. This is not affected by sitting, eating, sleeping or working with the person. This disease does not come through blood transformation.


Person suffering from this disease looks ugly. This disease is found more in women than men. Neck,
hands, legs, joints, face are affected with this disease. In the beginning this disease starts with a small patch. Gradually they turn into big patches. Later they form in groups and spread to the whole body. Sometimes it takes a long time to spread but sometimes it spreads very fast. Initially the affected part changes into lighter color and then spreads accordingly. There are many patches on the body. At last the patient’s body changes completely into white color. Sometimes it is observed that there is only one white patch on patient’s body.


This disease could be caused due to the consumption of polluted, adulterated, stale food products. Consuming food, which lacks vitamins,iron, proteins, and essential nutrients. Consuming spicy food and new food grains. Sometimes it occurs due to beauty care products.

People believe that if they take milk and fish together, or round pumpkin and milk, or onion and milk
then this disease occur. These have not been proved scientifically. It depends on person’s perception, tension, mental illness, bad stomach, jaundice, constipation, indigestion, and germs in stomach, typhoid, and hormone imbalance. This disease does not have any cure so it is difficult to cure it.


  • Take ginger juice and seeds of Bavachi, grind them fine, and apply this paste on the affected area thrice a day.
  • Remove the skin of Bavachi seeds and grind them. Take this mixture for 40 days continuously and apply on the affected area.
  • Take 60 gm of hadtale barkiya, take it for eight days in pulp of ghee kavar. Make it a tablet and dry it in the sun. Add in ¼ kg of clarified butter made with cow milk and heat it on low flame. When the tablet becomes black in color then take it off from the flame, remove the clarified but-
    ter and keep it separately, keep  the black medicine separately. Take them separately and apply daily on the affected area.
  • Take the skin of the neem tree, dry it in the sun and make powder. Add coconut oil in this powder. Apply this paste one hour before going to bed. Wipe it off after one hour and wash it with cold water. Continue this process for one month.
  • Take 20 gm white pepper oil, 40 gm neem oil, Bavachi, clove, cinnamon, 10 gm each of chaulmoogra and turpentine oil. Mixthem all and put it in a bottle apply this oil twice daily to get relief from white patches. Continue this process till the white patches are cured.
  • Take 60 gm of hadtal arkiya, two kilos of egg white. Squeeze it and keep it in ghee kanvar for a
    week. Make a tablet of it and after it dries keep it in a clean container, with two kilos of clarified butter. Now put a flame underneath. Wait till the cake or tablet turns into black, take off from the flame and let it cool. Keep the cake and clarified butter separately. Depending on our capacity this should be taken. Apply the black cake on the affected area.

Food habits

Patient should eat chapattis made with black gram and pure clarified butter made with cow milk. Patient can take chapattis made with wheat flour also. Patient should take moong dal, bathua, spinach, Sespedula, lady’s fingers, cucumber, cabbage, bitter gourd, cow milk, butter and easily digestible food. Patient should be on juices for at least a week. Patient should take fresh fruits and drink plenty of water. If the patient is suffering from indigestion or constipation then he should take enema.


Patient should not take tea, coffee, spicy food, deep fry food products, oily foodstuff, cold drinks. Patient should avoid eating in hotels or cold food from fridge. Curd, buffalo milk, brinjal, tubes, heavy food products, spices, excess salt.