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Get rid of Gastric Trouble

Gastric problem has become one of common problems like constipation and indigestion. This problem is seen in people of any age group. The prominent symptoms are – bulging of the stomach, pressure in the stomach and belches. One of the main reasons is our eating habit. Swallowing the food quickly, eating untimely meals, talking while eating, drinking water in between the meals, consuming spicy food results in gastric trouble. Eating very hot or very cold food items also results in gas formation. A person suffers from gastric problem if he does not have mental peace and is irritated.

 Natural medication

  • To control gas one should have a regular check on their food. Natural medication gives complete cure.
  • Take enema with lemon water and when the stomach is thoroughly cleaned then put mud bandage on the stomach and take hipbath.
  • Consume light food, which is easily digestible. Avoid eating food, which causes gas.
  • Concentrate on the food and chew it properly. Take fruits once a week.
  • Put wet mud on the stomach and tie it.
  • Put water on the backbone in such a way that it slides down slowly and then massage the body. 
  • Add lemon water to the black sand and apply gently on the feet. Sprinkle water at regular intervals. Remove it after an hour. This helps in removing the gas.

Medication through yoga

Early morning after Kunjal kriya, practice few yogasanas and then practice asana, which will strengthen the stomach.

After the four navel exercises – practice Katichakrasana, Urdhvahasthotasana, Padhastasana, Suptapavanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, Mandookasana, Kurmasana, Mayurasana,

In pranayam practice Bhastrika and Surya bhedi, Agnisar and Naouli kriya, which has magical affect.

Medicinal treatment

  • Take six grams of ginger juice, lemon juice and honey. Mix them well and take it thrice daily.
  • Take three small harads daily.
  • Take 100 gm yellow leaves of yoke tree, ten grams of salt, grind them well, make small tablets and dry them in shade. Take two to three tablets daily.
  • If you are getting belches or the stomach is filled with gas then take little asafetida with lemon juice and consume this will help release the gas.
  • Take equal quantities of bacha, Harad, chitrkamul, jawakhar, pipal, linseed. Grind them and make fine powder. Take three grams powder with lukewarm water to release gas.
  • Add powdered clove in to the boiling water, when clove dissolves then filter it. Take 25 gm of this mixture thrice a week.
  • Take one spoon each of onion, ginger and garlic juice. Add three spoons of honey and take it before meals.
  • Grind onion with vinegar and consume.
  • Add ginger juice and little quantity of black salt and consume.
  • Take two grams of powdered black pepper and lemon juice with lukewarm water. Take this mixture regularly for ten to twelve days twice daily to avoid gastric problem.
  • Powdered marble should be applied on the stomach to avoid gas. Gas is released either through belches or fatting.
  • Take two grams of mustard with sugar. Add lime with 50 grams of water and give to the patient suffering from gastric problem.
  • Swallow one grain of asafetida with water to release gas.
  • Mix asafetida with water and apply on the navel region and stomach.
  • Mix castor oil with butter and massage on the stomach.
  • Take bran of wheat and rock salt. Make a packet of it and roast it on the pan and put it on the stomach.
  • Add one spoon of castor oil in the quath of dry ginger powder and drink.
  • Take eight grains of bacha powder and eight grains of aniseed powder and take it with lukewarm water.
  • Add lemon juice in jaiphal and eat it. It will give relief in stomachache and removes gas.
  • Add turpentine oil and castor oil and massage on the stomach. Avoid using turpentine oil exclusively.
  • Take half spoon of Ajowan, one small Harad, one pinch of rock salt, and one grain of asafetida. Grind them together and take it with lukewarm water.
  • Add little asafetida in fresh radish juice and consume.
  • Add little jaggery in banyan bark, dry ginger and consume.
  • Take one spoon of mustard seeds and two black peppers. Mix them and powder them. Drink water over it.
  • Take one piece of ginger, two black peppers, five grams of pomegranate seeds, one pinch of black salt, one grain of asafetida, grind it and consume.
  • Take equal quantity of banyan, dry ginger, Ajowan. Add one grain of asafetida and black pepper, grind them and take it twice daily with water.
  • Take ten gram of Asagandha, add it in cow urine and consume. This gives relief from gas.
  • Grind four leaves of baheda in little black salt. This will be helpful in releasing the gas.
  • Grind four leaves of Baheda, add little salt and consume.
  • Take four fruits of banyan tree, swallow it with water.
  • Take two leaves of lemon, three grams of basil roots, two new leaves of orange tree, make a fine paste. Add rock salt and consume. It helps in releasing gas.
  • Grind five raw fruits of castor plant. Add little rock salt and consume.
  • Take the bark or skin of banyan tree, grind it with water and apply on the stomach. Take four leaves of spinach, four leaves of neem and four leaves of cholai. Make a fine paste. Add little salt. It will be helpful in releasing gas