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Permanent cure for Asthma

Asthma is a disease, which is related to lungs. If the lungs are separated from the body and blown then they can blow to the size of a tennis court. The lungs pump blood from the right side of the heart and the heart then supplies the pure blood containing oxygen to the other body parts from its left side. It is necessary to know that the lungs have been formed in such a manner that it can transfer oxygen in blood and throw out carbon dioxide.

When there is some kind of blockage in the air flowing into the lungs and the patient feels suffocated then he suffers from breathlessness. Sometimes the patient feels very uncomfortable and is unable to breathe properly. In such condition the muscles around the windpipe become stiff and the respiratory path gets contracted. This blocks the path of air passing from lungs to outside the body. The patients suffer from cough, stiffness in the chest, breathlessness and sever discomfort during asthma attack.

 Medicines containing sulphites, smoke, damp soil, tobacco smoke, feathers of birds, animal hair, dust particles, pollution etc. can lead to asthma. Besides change in temperature, worries, exercise, dampness, respiratory infection can also cause asthma. The phlegm gets blocked due to swelling in respiratory pipes, which increases asthma attacks. The patient’s condition becomes serious gradually. Today in America alone
there are around ten lakh asthma patients. Out of which around three lakh are children and the rest are adults. This disease is increasing at a very fast pace in India also. Harmful chemicals being used in various factories, increasing pollution are the main factors responsible for this disease. The symptoms of asthma are more or less similar to other respiratory problems and hence it is not diagnosed till later stage. In such conditions the chest X-ray of the patient is taken in order to diagnose the exact problem. Some tests like pulmonary function (PFT), Peak Expiratory flow (PET) is conducted in order to measure the air inhaled and exhaled with the lungs.

Types of Asthma

 Bronchial Asthma: the patient breathes with great difficulty in this condition and feels suffocation. The patient becomes restless and experiences discomfort. The face turns pale and the lips and ears turn blue. The patient sweats a lot and complains of soreness in nose or chin. Such type of asthma attack remains till 30 to 60 minutes and sometimes even longer. Such type of asthma attack can last more than 36 hours. The patient is unable to sleep due to the extremity and is forced to sit. The face turns red due to severe cough. The patient throws out phlegm along with cough and finally the attack subsides after perspiration. Asthma can be hereditary and passes to several generations. This is known as extrinsic asthma and generally begins at a very early age. Intrinsic asthma normally begins in adolescence and is normally related to other respiratory diseases like swelling in throat and infection. Change in climate, exercise, mental pressure and other reasons including emotions have a major impact on the patient’s health. Allergy has no role to play in this type of asthma. Cardiac Asthma also has similar symptoms like other types of asthma but the main symptom is that cardiac asthma occurs due to heart failure. Asthma can be of several types like nocturnal asthma, gastric asthma, exercise induced asthma, episodic asthma, chronic asthma and acute asthma.

Pregnancy and asthma

Many a times when a pregnant woman takes some wrong medicine, it affects the infant growing inside the womb. Therefore the pregnant woman suffering from asthma should not take any medicine without doctor’s advice. She should also avoid taking any painkillers, tobacco, cocaine, alcohol, heroine etc. The pregnant woman has to take of herself and the infant growing inside the womb. She should take proper treatment for asthma in order to prevent any health problems to the infant. Proper care can prevent asthma attacks.

Facts associated with pregnancy and asthma

Generally an asthmatic woman gives birth to premature baby. If this is not the case then the weight of
the child is below the average weight. The pregnant woman should not smoke cigar as it could lead to serious asthma attack. This could be fatal for both the mother and the child. The pregnant woman should take medicines at proper time right from conception to delivery in order to prevent asthma attack. The pregnant woman could feel suffocated during pregnancy due to asthma and phlegm is formed in excess. The sense of smell reduces, the throat and mouth feel dry during morning time, and she feels restlessness in ears and other parts of the face. Proper medication can help her in relieving such problems. The child of an asthmatic mother has 1/5th chances of inheriting it. If the pregnant woman takes proper medicines and takes care of her diet then she can prevent the chances of occurrence up to 100 percent. The twins generally have 20 to 30 percent chances of inheriting asthma.

Asthma in children

The treatment of asthmatic children is as important as the adults. The children should be treated under
proper medical guidance. The doctors conduct several allergy tests in order to diagnose the condition. In case of very small children the parents can take utmost care and precautions in order to prevent asthma. However in case of grown up children can control it with parent’s supervision and self care. The grown up children can be given the same medicines that the adults take. Children suffering from asthma should always keep Quick Relief Inhaler and use it along with the routine medicines. Children suffering from severe or mild asthma should use Peak Flow Meter in order to control asthma among children. It is very useful for the children because many times children are unable to explain their symptoms in proper manner. Such symptoms include cough attack at nighttime, cold, catarrh, breathing problem, heavy sound in lungs at the time of breathing etc. when such symptoms occur in children repeatedly then
medicines should be used in order to control asthma attack. The children should be taken to the hospital immediately if such symptoms are noticed.

Medicines for controlling asthma among children

The trees and plants growing in our vicinity play an important role in purifying the atmosphere and controlling pollution. The trees are also used as medicines for different diseases. Adathoda is one such tree, which is used in the treatment of phlegm, cough, respiratory problems, asthma, allergy etc. this tree purifies the atmosphere and air. This tree is known as Banasa in Unani system of medicine. It is of two types: Thorny and non thorny. The skin, flowers, fruits and roots of this tree are used as medicine. It is hot in nature and pungent in taste. Some people believe it to be of cold nature. Its flowers are cold in nature. This tree has special quality to remove phlegm, the skin of the roots of this tree is boiled and the extract is given to children in order to relieve cough and other problems. The leaves or its roots skin can be boiled and the extract can be used to cure asthma. Its flowers are used to make Gulkand and squash. It cures cough, asthma, whooping cough, phlegm etc.

• Take two three grams of its powder made from its leaves and roots. 5-12 gm extract can be used. The plant is burnt to ashes and the salt is separated from it. This salt is useful for curing asthma and cough.
• Take three Taraash leaves and add cardamom to it. Take 200 ml of water and soak the leaves for two to three hours. Filter and consume it with 25-50 kilos of water thrice daily to get relief from cough and
• Take one part of adulosa leaves, ½ part of honey or ginger juice. Cook them like a thick paste. Consume a little quantity equal to pearl size thrice daily to get relief from weakness. Kids get relief from cough, phlegm and weakness.
• The extract helps in throwing out the phlegm, purifies the blood, skin diseases, itching and rashes.

Symptoms of asthma

The doctors usually ask the patients about the symptoms of asthma. It depends on duration of the cough; a whizzing sound that comes out from the lungs during inhaling, difficulty in breathing, less breathing and conjunction in chest. If the patients complain of these symptoms in a particular month or time then it is diagnosed as asthma and various other tests are carried out. They also find out whether the patient was suffering from cold since last 10 days and whether any other family member is suffering from asthma or allergy. After collecting all the information from the patient the doctor gets the spirometry test done, this test is done with the help of spirometer. This gives the time duration of exhaling the air after inhaling it. If there is any problem in the windpipe or it is twisted then the result will be much below the normal level. This test is not conducted for children below five years. They are treated with medicines.

The patient is tested for allergy with the help of ‘Peak flow meter’. After exercise the patient’s breathing actions and lungs are observed. The patient undergoes another test to find out the Gastro esophageal Reflux disease, sinus, chest x-ray or Electrocardiogram is taken. A thorough check up has to be carried only then the doctor can diagnose the cause and give proper medicines.
Causes Thick phlegm, lungs and chest problem, weakness, dryness or wetness of the lungs, dust or pumping problem, cold, cough, fat problems, constipation are some of the main causes asthma. If the pet animals like dog, cat or goat are in the children’s bedroom, medicines like aspirin or beta-blockers also lead to this disease. Chemicals like Sulphur dioxide, sulfating agents, bisulfate also lead to asthma, use of fish, groundnuts, strawberries, nuts also causes asthma. Dust, pollen grains, dust particles in house, sawdust, grain dust also leads to asthma. Usually elderly people suffer from this problem.


Asthma cure is of two types:-

1. Instant relief: medicines are given for quick relief to the patients. These medicines help in getting
relief within minutes.
2. Prolonged medicines: these medicines are given daily for a longer duration, which can help in controlling asthma attack. Such medication is carried out for patients who complain of asthma since a long time. If the medicines are stopped in between then the patient’s condition worsens. Asthma medicines are available in the form of inhalers. Many inhalers are available in the market. It
should be used properly.

Nabi treatment

  • Our Nabi Rasal has used ‘kustha sheeri’ herb to cure asthma. This is very effective. The nabani name of kusht is saussurea lappa. The chest, throat, and lungs problems can be treated with this herb. The root of this plant is known as ‘kut-root’ in English. Kusthasheere contains ‘coaside’ medicine in the
    roots. 0.04% of caffeine, 0.45 of blastreen, 0.02% of dobaain alcohol, 25 of encostan, 25 of b.costan, 205 of apluteksas, 7% of kostal, 15% of D-hydrocostal lastone, 10% of costaslatone, 5% of glucoside.
  • The oil present in kusta oil kills the germs. This oil kills the germs, which cause pus and wounds. It removes phlegm, relieves the pain from the nerves, and gives strength to the heart muscles. The powder of this herb is effective in asthma. Three grams powder should be taken in honey twice a day to control asthma, cough, chest pain, phlegm, and heart pain.

Unani Treatment

  • Unani treatment is a successful cure for asthma. When the patient suffers from asthma attack a hot water bottle should be used for fomentation of soles so that the body gets sufficient warmth and be given hot tea without milk or just hot water.
  • Grind two-gram thorn apple leaves, one gram Anisoon, and one-gram Kalami shora and keep in a plate. Burn all the ingredients and give the fumigation to the patient. Give ten gram of mixture of tender leafless twigs of Alfeda leaves to the patient for instant relief.
  • Take one gram of Abrak Siyah and 50 gm each of Kalami shora and curd. Mix curd and Kalami shora and make thin layers of Abrak. Keep a layer in one earthen pot and pour curd mixed with kalami shora. Place the layers one above the other and place the pot over hot dung cakes. Grind the Abrak when it gets cold. Wrap it in one to two grains of butter and swallow it. Take this medicine twice daily to relieve asthma, chronic cough.
  • Boil Ajowan Khurasini, Ajowan, Siyah pepper, Piplamool, Ajmod, dry ginger, salt (sang, salt (Khari Hamvajan), Lavab clarified butter, in three times of water and burn on cow dung cakes. Take two to four grains ash with honey for relief.
  • A special type of cigarette is also used to cure asthma in Unani system. Take equal quantities of Kushka Bhang, Kalamishora, and thorn apple and grind it. Take one to two grains in the form of Hukka to control asthma attack and get relief.
  • Grind Kakda Sengi and take it, this is beneficial in case of asthma, cough, phlegm. Take one gram and children should be given one to two grains with honey or sugar mixed in hot water or tea.
  • Grind six gram each of Kakda Sengi and Phil Phil Daraj with the help of a wooden stick. Prepare kheer with cow milk and 12.5 gm sathi rice and eat it after keeping fast on the full moon day of Hindu Kartik
    month. Keep it on banana leaf or earthen pot and place it under moonlight till 2 O’clock in the night. Give
    this medicine to the patient and make the patient walk as much as possible. The patient should completely avoid oil, fried and heavy food like cauliflower, meat, potato etc.
  • Majun Rahul Momnin is beneficial for breathing problem and asthma. Take five gram Majun twice daily.
  • Feed a healthy goat with swallowwort leaves till ten days. Drink the milk of this goat till ten days and then start taking the milk of second goat. In this way drink the milk of four goats for 40 days to relieve asthma. Do not feed the swallowwort leaves to the same goat for 40 days, as it could be fatal for the goat. One goat should be given these leaves for 20 days and drink its milk for ten days.
  • Take one kilo of Ghee Kavar pulp and 250 gm pure Ajowan. Place a layer of ghee kavar in a bug earthen
    pot and Ajowan layer above it. Place the layers one over the other and place it on flame for eight hours. Cover with lid and tighten it with wet wheat flour and again put it on flame for eight hours. Grind when it gets cold. Take two to three grains daily to cure asthma. Sharbat Jufa is also beneficial in this case. 
  • l Take 240 gm swallowwort flowers and 600 gm salt. Place in an earthen pot and cover the lid with soft mud. Place the pot on flame of 15-20 kilo cow dung cakes when the mud gets dry. Break the mud seal when the pot gets cold and take out the burnt salt and flowers. Grind and store it. Take 125 gm powder with six-gram honey twice daily.
  • Prepare the powder of Jharawand and make small cakes of six gram each with little bit of water. Dry the cakes under sun and smoke it like cigar or Hukka for relief.

Home remedies

  • l Home made Joshinda is very beneficial for curing asthma. Soak Moolethi, Sapistan, Khatami, basil,
  • Unnab, gulbanapsha, Gavjaban and Khubbaji and other such herbs in water overnight and prepare a thick syrup. Drink it to relieve asthma, cough, cold, phlegm etc. Clean the pipal leaves lying on the floor and dry them, burn them in fire and prepare bhasma. Sieve it and take half spoon each with honey twice daily to cure asthma. Follow this remedy up to one month in orer to cure asthma completely.

Herbal treatment

  • Mix ten gram each of linseeds, Harmal seeds and lick it. This is the best medicine to cure asthma. Boil 20 gm Harmal in 280 gm water till it reduces to half the quantity, sieve and give to patient. This will cure phlegm and give relief from asthma and cough.
  • Fill rock salt in Bandal flowers and cover it with something. Keep it on a pan and place it on flame. Grind it when it burns and store in a glass jar. Take one to two grains with two-gram honey and three gram Arka-Varga-E betel leaf and lick it hot.
  • Take four kilos ripe mango juice, one kilo clarified butter and 1.25 kilos sugar candy. Place all the three things in a thick-based vessel and cook on low flame. Remove from flame when it becomes thick and add four-gram dry ginger powder, ten-gram pepper, 20 gm small pipal, 20 gm piplamool, 50 gm nagar motha, cumin seeds, Nagkesar, cardamom, cinnamon, and 40 Hara leaves and 20 gm Safoof. Take 60 gm before meals to relieve cough, asthma, cold.
  • Cook Baheda on low flames and wrap it in wheat flour and then bury it under hot sand. Roast it for
    one hour till the flour turns slightly brown in color. Remove it and separate the seeds and pulp. Cut it into pieces and store it in a safe place. Take one piece baheda and sugar candy in case of asthma or cough and suck it. It gives instant relief.
  • Dry the swallowworts leaves and grind it. Take one gram daily with cow milk to cure asthma and cough.
  • Take equal quantities of Talis leaves, bamboo flowers, peeled Moolethi, Somkalpa, Pushkarmool, grind and sieve it with clothe. Take two gram with fresh water to control asthma attacks.
  • Smoke Charchat root or seed in the form of Hukka to prevent asthma and cough.
  • Heat spoonful ginger juice and take it at bedtime to relieve cough and asthma.
  • Grind 12 gm swallowwort flowers and three-gram lahori salt. Dissolve in little bit of water and make gram-sized tablets. Take two tablets three to four times daily.
  • Boil small neem twigs with water in an earthen vessel. Sieve when cold and use it at bedtime.
  • Place the thorn apple seed on flame and smell its smoke to relieve asthma and cough.

Useful medicines for asthma

  • Barkhurdama: Take one pinch of Bakhurdma and put in hot coal. Breath in the smoke in case of restlessness due to asthma attack. As soon as the smoke enters the lungs the breathing problem is relieved.
  • Lauk Rabavi: Take five gram of this medicine with hot water to control asthma and cough.
    Lauk Jikkunphas: This medicine removes phlegm. Take ten gram twice or thrice daily to relieve the disease.
  • Lauk Kata: Take ten gram twice or thrice daily for effective treatment.
  • Sharbat Rabavi: Drink this squash to control the asthma attack immediately. Take five ml. Squash at an interval of three hours.
  • Sharbat Jufa Sada: mix this squash in 25 to 50 luke warm water and drink it to control asthma attack and cough.
  • Sharbat Jufa Murakab: Mix 25 to 50 ml of this squash in lukewarm water and drink to relieve cough and asthma.
  • Habbe Jikunna Phas: These tablets relieve asthma. Powder one tablet and mix it in honey and take it daily.


  • If the patient suffers from asthma attack after doing some particular exercise or eating a particular item then that should be stopped with immediate effect.
  • Avoid consumption of red pepper, oil, cold water, curd, buttermilk, exposure to cold breeze and sleeping on wet floor.
  • Asthma patients should avoid intake of food that causes gastric trouble.
  • Do not take ice cream, cold water, cold drinks etc as it stiffens the respiratory pipe.
  • Avoid touch of hairy animals, tobacco and smoke.
  • Avoid anger, worries, and disappointment as it in- creases the asthma attack.
  • Closeness to the feathers of crane increases the risk of lung diseases.
  • Avoid running or swimming as both these exercises increase asthma.
  • Do not take aspirin and brufen.
  • Avoid heavy fragrance of any type. Sometimes heavy smell increases asthma attack.
  • Do not eat banana.
  • Do not sleep during daytime.
  • Keep the domestic animals outside as far as possible. Give bath to the domestic animals once a week.
  • The patient should not give bath to the domestic animals.


  • Use garlic and onion in everyday cooking.
  • Use juice in order to remove toxins from the body. Take mixed juice or lemon juice for three days regularly. It removes toxins from the body.
  • Include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and nuts in daily diet.
  • The patient should take enough care that the food should be rich in protein and contain less of carbohydrates. The patient should not reduce the intake of sugar.
  • The patient should take light meals as heavy food causes cough.
  • The patient should avoid stress, pressure, worries, fear etc. All these increase the asthma attack.
  • It is better to practice some breathing exercise and massage the chest with rapeseed oil for relief.
  • Use two or three pillows while sleeping in order to reduce the asthma attack.
  • Eat easily digestible food like Moong, light vegetables like gourd, torai etc.
  • Mullein oil is very beneficial in case of asthma. It can be especially beneficial in bronchial congestion.
  • An asthma patient should spend more time in open and airy place, which is well ventilated. It is also advisable to use fresh and pure water.
  • An asthma patient should keep fast at least once a week.
  • Avoid food that causes acidity, and reduce the intake of carbohydrates, fats and protein.
  • An asthma patient should use orange, berries and dry dates with honey for breakfast.
  • Eat raw vegetables like cucumber, tomato, carrot and salad for lunch and dinner. Take one bowl of cooked vegetables and chapattis made with wheat flour.
  • The dinner should be taken before sunset or at least two hours before bedtime to avoid indigestion.
  • Asthma patient should eat less than normal hunger. The food should be chewed properly and eaten slowly.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily but remember that water should not be taken while eating food.
  • The patient should be given one cup of hot water every two hours in initial stages.
  • The patient should follow certain natural rules along with following the above-mentioned precautions. The patient should do some light exercise everyday. The patient should avoid exposure to dust, sand and allergy causing germs, cold, and allergic food. At the same time it is also necessary to keep away from mental worries. Honey is very useful in the treatment of asthma. It is said that if an asthma patient sits near a jug filled with honey and breathes then
    the asthma is relieved. Some Ayurvedic and Unani doctors use one-year-old honey for the treatment of asthma.
  • Bronchial asthma can be treated with turmeric. The asthma patient should mix spoonful turmeric in glassful milk and take it twice or thrice daily for relief. It should be taken on empty stomach.
  • If the asthma patient follows the above mentioned remedies then he or she can lead a happy and healthy life and succeed in all aspects.