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Triphala for constipation and colon cleansing

Triphala Ingredients  

As the name suggests, Triphala is the combination of three pure dried fruits  (tri – three and phala – fruits) called Amalaki - Phyllanthus emblica, Bibhitaki - Terminalia bellirica, and Haritaki - Terminalia chebula as the main constituents. This is very useful ancient formulation used for many diseases, and in general, triphala is believed for curing most of gastrointestinal disorders. Triphala is a part of many formulations and used in different modes such as churna  or powder form, decoction form, oil form, ash form, ghee (clarified butter) form etc., for different ailments. Particularly, Triphala churna or triphala powder is used for relieving constipation and acts as mild laxative or for Gastrointestinal complaints and for eye ailments.

Triphala composition

Triphala should be prepared 1:1:1 proportions and is identified as triphala churna. In this proportion, triphala churna is having unique property of colon cleansing property. Though there are many forms of triphala which substitutes triphala churna as triphala tablets or triphala guggulu, however, triphala churna is ideal to use for the purpose of colon cleansing properties or other GI related problems. As the combination of medicine is having enzymatic actions and due to presence of linoleic oil, vitamin C, and other important nutritional properties, it promotes digestion.

Triphala is available in various forms like

  1. Triphala churna - Herbal powder which cleanses and detoxifies the human body system. It is best remedy for colon cleansing and constipation.
  2. Triphala Capsules - are useful in Constipation, Indigestion and other digestive complaints. Also useful in Premature aging.
  3. Divya Maha Triphala Ghrit - This for of Triphala is useful in eye Diseases and general Eye disorders. Anyone can use it to make eyes more good
  4. Triphala Guggulu - This is useful in Joint Pain, Piles & Weight Loss. Also Useful in fistula and inflammation.

Triphala for Colon cleansing

Triphala churna is absorbable in the intestines and quickly helps in digestion improving the appetite. The Triphala herbal powder relives constipation & clears bowel from toxicities. In addition to this, Triphala is useful in treating several intestinal inflammatory disorders as well. Daily intake of this medicine helps maintaining very healthy colon because it contains natural bowel cleansing properties.

Triphala, a Laxative for constipation

Laxatives: which is having a tendency to loosen or relax, or producing bowel movements and relieving constipation.

Purgatives: Purging or tending to purge or eliminate, this is purging digestive or indigestive particles.

Here, one should differentiate between laxatives and purgatives. Triphala action is mainly laxative that means to promote bowel movements. The important notable point is due to properties of triphala initially helps to digest the undigested food particles and later it promotes bowel movements. This is very important task in metabolism whereas purgative action is different. The laxative property of triphala is due to presence of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) is acts as lubricant, astringent, anti-parasitic property, and helps in absorption and assimilation of food particles.

It is believed that people do need purgatives if there is a bowel irregularity from abnormal hepatic function. Another category people needs some kind of lubrication to ease their bowel movements, this is because of intestinal dryness due to nutritional deficiencies and mal-absorption. Luckily, triphala suits for both conditions appropriately.

Triphala for digestion

 As triphala combination powdered medicine do stimulates bile secretion and it detoxifies the liver enhances hepatic function. Triphala improves digestion and regulates elimination of bowel without causing any laxative dependency. Though, triphala is having so many properties depending on usage and mode of usage and time of usage.  However, the quality of triphala churna varies.  If a person is using ideal Triphala powder in proper way, definitely it is having positive impact on digestive system. As Triphala combination blends with nutritional as well as blood cleansing and liver cleansing actions and acts as lubricants. Triphala contains some bitter Anthraquinones which help to promote peristaltic movements and stimulates biliary function. Triphala do contain vitamin C, essential fatty acids, bioflavonoids, phospholipids and other important nutrients which acts as tonic or rejuvenators.

In ayurveda it is considered that triphala acts for all doshas such as VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA.

Triphala for gastrointestinal disorders

Apart from its laxative action, triphala powder is useful for many gastrointestinal disorders such as cholera and dysentery, IBS, colitis, even in colon cancer. It is believed that in colon cancer if triphala is consumed along with sugarcane juice, it exhibits good results. In general, triphala churnam if consumed in prescribed amounts, it will help to control or cure the following gastrointestinal disorders such as aphthous ulcers, hyperacidity, gum related complaints, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps due to indigestion, any digestive disturbances such as flatulence, bloating, IBS, constipation, even in diarrhea.

Triphala Dosage

  • Triphla can be consumed before going to bed in the night with lukewarm water. If in the form of Churna/Powder take 1-2 tea spoonful of triphala.
  • For  eye disorders, mix triphala churna with normal water at room temperature & leave it overnight in a brass pot. In morning filter the water & wash eyes, repeat this procedure daily. It will leave a long lasting cooling effect in eyes.
  • If you consume Triphala in the form of capsules then take 1 capsule twice a day before meals.
  • If you consume Triphala in the form of guggulu then take 1/2 tablets twice a day.
  • If you consume Triphala in the form of Maha Triphala Ghrit then take 3 - 12 gram twice a day.
  • To reduce weight take one teaspoon along with honey empty stomach.
  • For relief in constipation, one teaspoon with lukewarm water at bed time.

Note: That above dosage are in general but dosage can be different for different companies making Triphala products. 

Triphala Safety

Triphala's safe laxative effect on human intestines is not a secret now. Unlike modern allopathy medicines, the powder of Triphala does not produce any harmful side effects and it does not disturb your intestinal flora. As with other contemporary laxatives & stool softeners, Triphala churna does not produce any habit & hence it is safe to consume even for a longer duration, especially in chronic case of intestinal problems.

Triphala side effects

 Triphala has no side effects and safe to use. Though Triphala is considered as broad spectrum medicine for various ailments, it should be consumed in proper method. However, triphala can be consumed by healthy persons too to promote digestion and acts as rejuvenator. If there is any associated ailments or any other serious illnesses, one should consult physician before using Triphala. One should follow proper adjuvants and proper timings of intake of triphala churnam for various illness, such as before consuming food, after consuming food, consuming with warm water, honey, sugarcane juice etc.

Triphala for children

Triphala is a herbal powder that takes care of almost all human body systems & is compared with the mother who takes care of her children.  Triphala is safe for children with respect to constipation or colon cleansing action, triphala powder is found effective and there are positive results in almost all age groups depending up on the usage. It is said that "If one does not have mother, then don't worry as long as you have Triphala.".

Other benefits of Triphala

Triphala for weight loss

Triphala can detoxify your digestive system, reduce fatty deposits, regulate your metabolism & improve the blood circulation. It regulates your metabolism, so it can help you reducing weight & loose extra fats from the body. If Triphala churna is taken with lukewarm water then it helps in reducing weight very quickly.

Triphala for Eyes

Due to presence of vitamin A, the herbal Triphala churna is very good for eyes & can be used in various eye disorders. Washing your eyes with triphala churna decoction helps in improving vision & relieves strain from eyes.

Triphala for Acidity

Triphala has neutralizing property so it effectively cures acidity & hyperacidity disorders. It aids in the normal production of gastric acid that does not harm your stomach lining & does not cause acidity problem. It increases the bile acid secretion and raises the levels of high density cholesterol & simultaneously decreases the levels of low density cholesterol.

Triphala for Skin and Hairs

Amalaki or Amla (Indian gooseberry) is one of the richest vitamin C sources. It contains many times more ascorbic acid in coparison to an orange. Amala or Indian gooseberry is one of the ingredients in Triphala churna. Amla is also a good source of tannic acid, glucose & body building protein. In many parts of the world, Triphala is prescribed as powerful skin & hair tonic due to presence of Amla as an active ingredient which is a master herb for curing skin problems and hair disorders.