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Get Rid Of Piles

Piles have become a common problem these days in the world due to wrong eating habits and the percentage is increasing day by day. In this disease blood comes out from the rectum, and the patient complains of pain during bowel movement, hemorrhoids form and pain a lot. Piles are of two types, bleeding and windy. In the later case, the hemorrhoids swell and pain while in the former blood comes out from the hemorrhoids at the time of passing stools. There are three stages of piles – hemorrhoids form inside our outside the rectum in the first stage, which swell, pain, bleed and cause burning sensation. In the second stage, the hemorrhoids become big and come out of the rectum at the time of passing stools. In the third stage the hemorrhoids swell and become so big that they hang out of the rectum. This is the most painful stage for a patient and his or her condition becomes very pitiable. The patient complains of severe pain and demands immediate treatment otherwise the disease could become very dangerous.


Chronic constipation, regular consumption of purgative medicines, forceful bowel movement and spitting at that time, regular consumption of alcohol, liver problem, enlargement of prostrate gland, standing or sitting for long time, riding cycle or motor cycle for long time regularly, sitting on seats made of artificial material or rubber can be the reasons for this disease. This exerts extra pressure on anus and the hip region.

Wrong eating habits is also another major reason for this problem. It can occur due to consumption of stale, hot, heavy food, meat, alcohol and food that increase windy complaints like brinjal, pickle, chutney, fish, eggs, sweets etc. These food items lead to constipated stomach, the stools dry and spitting repeatedly at the time of bowel movement causes swelling in rectum and formation of hemorrhoids. This problem is more common among the non-vegetarians when compared to vegetarians. The patients suffering from this disease should not eat non-vegetarian food and drink alcohol.


Keep fast on two three lemons, water and honey and take fruit juice for one or two days.
Take pear, apple, pomegranate, myrobalan, orange, and pineapple juice. Take vegetable juice for one or two days. Spinach, bathua, punarnava, cholai, tinda, gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, fenugreek,
coriander, mint juice is also beneficial.

Take normal food after some time. Take ten dry raisins or 15 raisins, three to four figs and 400 gm papaya and glass of milk for morning breakfast.

Eat chapattis made with whole wheat flour, boiled vegetable, vegetable soup, salad, diluted curd etc. In the evening you can choose any of the juices like myrobalan, carrot, beetroot, spinach, coriander, mint,
tomato or gourd. The dinner and lunch should be same and take a small glass of diluted curd after
meals. The piles patient should avoid tea, coffee, meat, alcohol, eggs, biscuits, bread, jam, jelly, puris,
paranthas, tobacco, smoking, hemp, opium, heavy food, tinned food, fast food and Chinese food. These food items create constipation in the stomach.


The piles patient should clear the stomach, as constipation is the main cause for this disease. Piles get cured automatically when constipation is relieved. Take Triphala churna with hot milk or water or Isabgol with hot milk half an hour before going to bed. Eat raw vegetables in meals like raw onion, carrot, cucumber etc. in order to prevent constipation and improve digestion process.

Grind ten-gram marigold petal and five black pepper seeds in water and drink. This remedy controls
bleeding and gives relief to the piles patients. In the first and second stage of piles, mix spoonful Bakayan flower powder and spoonful sugar candy powder. Take it on empty stomach with water for one month to get relief.

Cut one leaf of Ghritakumari in the morning and collect the yellow coloured juice in a glass bowl. Add 20 gm ghritakumari leaf pulp, 12 gm turmeric powder and 20 gm sugar candy and drink. It overcomes all the problems generated due to piles and makes the patient strong. It also overcomes anemia caused due to bleeding piles. Mix Jatamansi and turmeric powder and apply on the hemorrhoids.

It relieves burning sensation and pain and heals them. It is better to take remedies to overcome constipation in order to cure this disease permanently. Grind Majoophal, sal ammoniac bhasma, roasted alum powder and opium. Add butter and prepare an ointment. Use it on hemorrhoids regularly to relieve burning sensation and pain. The hemorrhoids dry and fall down automatically. Cut onion into small pieces and dry them under sun. Fry ten gram in clarified butter, add one-gram oil and 20 gm sugar candy and take it every morning. This is beneficial for piles patients.

Take 25 ml of Gwar  (green thin beans, used as vegetable) leaf juice with sugar candy in summers and
black pepper in monsoon and winters) to cure both types of piles. Add 10 gm sugar candy in 20 gm bitter gourd or its leaf juice and drink every morning for a week to heal the hemorrhoids (bleeding piles). Grind three gram each of hemp leaves, cottonseeds kernel and Rasoat in rose extract and apply on hemorrhoids for quick healing. Grind 50 gm yellow resin and mix six gram in 125 gm curd and eat regularly. This is the best medicine for bleeding piles. Take this medicine for one week to relieve the disease. Grind Nagkesar and sugar candy in equal quantities and add six gram in 125 gm curd and take regularly. This is beneficial in case of both the types of piles.


Keep the mud lep on a bandage and place it from groin to stomach area. The wet bandage should touch
the groin area and change it after 30 minutes.

Apply some oil inside the rectum before bowel movement. This helps in passing the stools easily. Do not sit on hard surface for long time. Get up from the seat and take some strolls if your work requires sitting for long hours. Take light enema for one week regularly. Wash the rectum for half an hour with cold water. This will clean the rectum and help in curing piles. Apply wet black mud on the rectum everyday after passing stools and lie down on the bed.

Clean the mud and take hipbath twice daily. Take bath in a river or lake if possible. This is very beneficial for piles patients. Grind neem and Kaner leaves and apply the lep on the hemorrhoids. This reduces swelling and burning sensation in hemorrhoids. Apply neem oil on hemorrhoids to heal the hemorrhoids.