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Nature cure for Cancer

Cancer: This dangerous disease is spreading all over the world at a very fast pace. India is also a part of this and the pace at which cancer is increasing in our country is a matter of great concern. The number of people dying due to cancer in India is more than four lacs. This figure is increasing at the rate of 11 percent every year. The men are prone to oral cancer and women to breast cancer. The process of formation and destruction of cells is an ongoing process in the human body. This process plays an important role in maintaining the health. Cancer is known as Oncology in medical parlance. Cancer grows in our body due to deficiency of nutritional elements and harmful elements. We can find a detailed description about this aspect in our ancient Ayurvedic texts. Cancer is known as Karkrog in Hindi.

Surgery is the main treatment for cancer in modern medical system. But in the ancient times it was treated with medicinal plants. However, Ayurved talks about surgical treatment for cancer and use of other medicinal plants. Acharya Sushrut was the only surgeon during that period.

Symptoms: The main body parts like mouth, voice box, lungs, uterus, breasts, blood and stomach get affected due to affect of cancer. The life becomes a hell for the cancer patient. In case of mouth cancer there are changes in mouth and mufosa of the patient, due to which the patient fails to open his mouth and tongue, faces problem in swallowing sputum and saliva, experiences pain in chewing and swallowing food and is unable to speak. Red, brownish -black and white spots are seen in the mouth. A tumour grows in the throat and a bad smell is emitted from the mouth. This condition is the result of addiction to smoking, chewing pan masala, gutka and other such things.

When the patient’s voice box becomes cancerous then the patient is unable to speak clearly, the tumour in the throat swells, the patient faces difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Excessive smoking and tobacco consumption lead to this condition.

In case of lung cancer, the patient experiences pain in lungs and suffer from cough. The patient suffers from frequent pneumonia attacks with weight loss and loss of appetite. The cancer patient cannot swallow the food and vomits blood. This condition is also the result of liquor addiction, smoking and pollution.

In case of women suffering from uterus cancer, the uterus increases in size and leads to heavy bleeding. The main reason for this condition is lack of nutritious diet and sexual relations at young age. However, nowadays breast cancer is increasing at a very fast pace. This leads to swelling in breasts and tumour develops. The breasts turn reddish along with pain and itching. In some cases we can see depressions on the breast. This is generally hereditary and the other reason being that nowadays women do not like to get married till 30 years of age and this could also be one of the reasons for breast cancer.

Blood cancer is also very dreadful. The patient of blood cancer loses weight and has high temperature. The patient complains of pain in bones and joints, nose bleeding, heavy perspiration at nighttime and pale skin. Blood cancer can also be a hereditary problem. Irregular life style and consumption of stale meat helps in the growth of cancer cells in the body.

In case of stomach cancer, the patient has severe gastric trouble along with vomiting, loss of appetite. He complains of swelling in stomach, loss of weight and unbearable pain in the stomach. This condition is the result of excessive smoking, indigestion and excessive addiction to alcohol.

Spread of cancer cells in the body: the cancer cells do not spread in a particular shape or direction. They can spread in any part of the body and in any direction. In the preliminary stage of cancer, the tumour is like a wound and swollen. The cancer begins to spread in the whole body slowly and takes dangerous form. When cancer attacks the stomach, chest and ovaries, then it is detected with great difficulty. Cancer spreads in three types:

  1. Local growth
  2. Through blood
  3. Through lymph

In case of local growth the cancer begins at a particular place and slowly spreads to other parts. For example, in case of cervix cancer it spreads to vagina, uterus, rectum, bladder etc. In the second case the cancer cells spread through the lymphatic glands and invade the lymph nodes. They stop or reduce the flow of lymph in that are and this could take a serious form in the absence of correct treatment. In the third type of cancer, the cancer cells spread through other parts like brain, lungs, liver, and bones through blood veins. The stomach, chest and intestines cancer increases and spread till peritoneum causing dropsy and other serious conditions.

Ayurved and cancer:

Cancer is a very old disease. This has been mentioned in our ancient Ayurvedic books like Charak Sanhita, Madhav Nidan, Sushrut Sanhita and Arka Prakash. The Ayurvedic books describe it as Kark, Galkand, Arbud and tumourous disease.

According to saint Charak, “In case of cancer there is swelling and growth of tumour in the body.”

In the view of surgeons, “The round glandular growth of blood or flesh in any part of the body due to imbalance in vata, pitta or kapha, along with slight pain and if the flesh is imbedded deep inside then it is known as cancer.”

According to Sushrut Sanhita Cancer is of six types

– generated through vata, kapha, pitta, blood, andflesh, fat. Besides, the book also mentions about sugar generated cancer also, known as Sharkara Arbud.”

Cancer is of different types.

Prostrate cancer: This is caused in men. Exercise is considered to be ideal from health point of view, but it can be harmful for the patients of prostrate cancer. They can suffer from tumour like growth in prostrate region. However, the patients of prostrate cancer should be active in life. This type of cancer is spreading at a very fast rate in India. Those who do not ejaculate regularly can suffer from this disease and cancer cells increase at a fast rate.

Intestine cancer: Generally people suffer from gall bladder stones. Normally the stones develop in kidneys and gall bladder. Stones can also develop due to intake of high cholesterol food. The enzymes of pigment present in the gall bladder start accumulating, which convert into stones due to low enzymes count. Usually the gall bladder is removed through surgery in such cases, but it should be avoided because removal of this organ could lead to indigestion of fat in the body. Undigested fat and pitta get accumulated deep inside the intestines. Slowly this takes the form of intestine cancer.

Breast cancer: Women suffer from this type of cancer, however it is rarely found among men also. There are very few cases of men suffering from breast cancer. In the past 20 years, around 0.86 to 1.08 percent men out of 1 lac have suffered from breast cancer.

This cancer is detected more easily among women when compared to men. The symptoms of breast cancer are detected in women in the preliminary stage itself. Therefore it can be cured in time. In case of men, this tumour is detected at a later stage and by that time the tumour takes a dangerous form.

It is not necessary that breast cancer attacks only at old age. It could occur at a young age also and the chances of cancer growth are more between the age group of 35 to 40 years. Around 25 percent women die every year due to breast cancer. Frequent abortions, early onset of menstrual cycle, early marriage, child birth, late marriage, not breast feeding children, use of contraceptive pills, lack of physical exercise are the main reasons for this cancer. Widows and divorcees are also prone to this cancer.

Breast cancer can also be caused due to hereditary reasons, breast injury, wearing tight fit dresses or under garments, continuous growth of white blood cells, hormones generated elements. Doctor should be consulted in case of feeling of tumour in breasts, some swelling in armpits, mild pain in breast tumours or swelling, any change in the shape of breasts, wound in the swollen area, bleeding from wound, hard feeling on touching the tumour and pain in tumour.

There are four stages in case of breast cancer. In the first stage the treatment is possible. But as the wound increases in size then the treatment becomes difficult. In the fourth stage also correct treatment can lead to 50 percent success in treatment. In the previous stage, there are chances of 100 percent cure.

We request the women to develop awareness to protect themselves and their family from cancer and breast cancer. We would also like to tell the women that turmeric has important qualities to prevent cancer and also cure it. Therefore, women should always use pure turmeric for cooking. It is better to prepare turmeric powder at home.

Turmeric has anti venom, anti bacterial, anti cancerous and blood purifying qualities. It is better to buy fresh cow milk or buffalo milk in place of dairy milk. Similarly, it is better to use wheat flour purchased from floor mill instead of readymade wheat flour.

Exercise can also be helpful in curing breast cancer. Ayurved recommends Panchkarma (body –purification process) and Ayurvedic medicines to treat cancer.

Uterus cancer : If a girl becomes mother at a young age or before 20 years then she has the chances of suffering from uterus cancer. If a girl aged 18 years or less indulges in sexual acts then she has the chances of vaginal cancer. Besides her hymen also becomes weak. Irregular menstrual cycle, bleeding from vagina, odour etc. could be symptoms of cancer. Therefore women should pay special attention in cleanliness of vagina. She should avoid over indulgence in sex.

Cold drinks could increase risk of cancer : It is a fact that the number of people drinking cold drinks is increasing in our country at a very fast pace. This is resulting in the number of cancer patients also. Cold drinks are rich in carbohydrates, which have a negative affect on the health. Cold drinks increase the risk of cancer of food pipe. The cold drinks are rich in calorie count with zero nutritional value. The person who is habituated to drinking cold drinks becomes obese and also becomes prone to cancer.

Diabetes increases the risk of cancer : Diabetes patients are prone to cancer. The main reason is insulin. If the insulin level is high in the blood then cancer cells can increase in the body. However, it is true that the diabetes patients who pay attention to their diet and exercise are able to reduce their blood sugar level and also the risk of suffering from cancer. What should be the diet of a cancer patient?

Cancer patients should eat food cooked on low flame, because quickly cooked food increase toxins in blood. This type of food is harmful for health. On the other hand the food cooked on low flame is free from this kind of affects. Cancer patients should also avoid bakery products, heavy food, stale food, dry fruits, sweets etc. besides, they should also avoid oily food, pickles, spicy food, curd and milk with jaggery, oil and spices with curd, gram etc. the patient should eat some salty food only after two hours of consuming milk. Similarly milk should be consumed only after two hours of eating some salty food.

Cancer patients should eat whole Moong, dilute coarse meal, Sespedula, radish leaves vegetables, bitter gourd, radish, cucumber, Torai, round gourd, black grapes, green grapes, clarified butter made with cow milk. Vegetarian food is also helpful in preventing cancer. Vegetables and fruits have immense power to fight out cancer. Consumption of vegetables of fruits can prevent several types of cancer. This includes prostrate, intestines, ovarian, breast cancer.

Fasting is considered to be ideal in our country. Nowadays, fasting is being practiced even in western countries and they have also realized its importance. Fasting can also help in preventing the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a prevalent method in the treatment of cancer. Fasting can protect from the side effects of medicines and chemotherapy and also increase the chances of fast cure.

Cancer patient should take 100 gm round gourd juice twice daily. It is also ideal to take 100 gm beetroot, 100 gm carrot and 25 gm myrobalan juice twice daily. Sweet limejuice, grape juice, pineapple juice should also be taken twice daily. Fenugreek, spinach, bathua juice should be taken depending on the season. Wheat grass juice is very beneficial for the cancer patient. Nature cure to treat cancer

* Nature cure is beneficial for relieving cancer and keep the body disease free. The following should be kept in mind in nature cure.

* Keep cold bandage on stomach for 30 minutes and then take neem enema daily.

* Take hipbath with cold water for ten minutes.

* Sunbath for 30 minutes daily is ideal. Wear white cotton clothes, keep a cold cloth on the head and take sunbath. Sunbath can be taken for one to two hours also.

* Breathe pure air.

* Take bath daily with hot or cold water.

* Keep cold mud bandage for half an hour three to four times daily externally on the cancer wound or tumour. Replace the bandage after a gap of half an hour. If this cold mud bandage or cold bandage remedy is used on cancer wounds and tumours in the initial stage itself then it can subside the cancer.

* If the cancer tumour is detected inside the stomach, intestines, liver or uterus then also cold mud bandage or cold bandage can be used on it.

* If cold bandage does not relieve the pain then the patient should be given hot-cold fomentation. Keep two vessels containing hot and cold water (separately), soak a towel in the vessels alternately and give fomentation on the tumour.

Cancer treatment with medicinal plants and herbs

* Neem destroys cancer elements. Chew eight to ten neem leaves daily on empty stomach and drink glassful water.

* Mango also prevents the risk of prostrate cancer.

* Basil leaves contain cancer-fighting element, micastrine. Cancer patient should chew two or three basil leaves every 30 minutes. The patient should mix five-gram basil juice with equal quantity of honey and take this medicine twice daily.

* Cancer patient should consume mint.

* In case of cancer caused due to pitta, hot water fomentation and tying poultice is beneficial.

* Lep of residue of clarified butter, oil and fat and drinking milk or fermented water is beneficial.

Cancer generated due to kapha

In case of bleeding in this type of cancer, quath made with Devdali, Danti, Dravanti, koshataki and Nishoth should be used.

Grind Kalihari, kakdani, kalaneel, and shukra root in cow urine. Apply this lep on cancer tumour.

In the beginning stage of cancer, fire and surgery is useful in the treatment. Surgery followed with tying poultice of karavari, and sphuta is beneficial.

Cancer generated due to vata

In this type of cancer the patient should be given cow milk and fermented mixture should be taken with devdaru. The patient should take the oil of the above-mentioned medicines for relief.

Cancer generated due to fat

The cancer caused due to fat should be first washed with loghra, turmeric, sandal, hartal, mensaline and honey mixture. Then the wound should be washed with Karanj oil.

Cancer caused due to Pitta

Grind rishbhak, Ksheer Kakoli, Muduparni, Jeevan, Mahameda, Mashparni, Padmak, Vridhi, Karkat ringi, Ridhi, yashti honey and jeevanti and tie on cancerous area.

Take the extract of loghra, turmeric, ghamasa, patang, mensaline and shahak. Drink it to cure cancer.

Mix red sandal, yashtimadhu, priyangu, goolar, and loghra in honey and apply the lep on cancer wounds at regular intervals.

In case of bleeding from cancer wounds, apply kali nishodha, Kaiphal and gojihana on the wound for relief.

Mix honey, cold milk, sugar candy, sugar cane and malati extract. Apply the lep on cancer wound to cure cancer. This is beneficial in curing cancer caused due to pitta and rakta.

Boil Anjan, Gojihana, and Kali nishodh in clarified butter and sieve it. Give this to cancer patient with yashtimadhu.

Soak Sambhar salt and Koot in banyan milk for seven days. Extract the juice and apply on cancerous area. This helps in curing cancer within short period.

Mix radish and sajji extract in shankha churna. Apply the lep on cancer wound for relief.

Cancer caused due to diabetes

Mix fermented water, rock salt, poy and butter and apply on tumour.

Grind loghra, jaggery, turmeric, patang, mensaline and grihadhoom and mix in honey. Apply it on cancer wound for relief.


Cancer patient should eat barley, old clarified butter, green gram, shali rice, loghra, Sespedula, food that increase digestive fire and bitter things, along with liquid diet, Shilajit and guggul.


Cancer patient should avoid heavy food, sour and sweet food, meat of aquatic animals, sugar cane, and milk and its products.

Cow urine is very beneficial for cancer patients. It has lot of medicinal values, which are unmatchable. Cow urine relieves several diseases and gives us good health. Cancer patient should take cow urine without fail. Taking it in pure form is more beneficial. Excessive use of cow urine is also completely harmless.