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Rules of Yoga Asanas

Yoga is not an ordinary thing, but a physical achievement that requires the observance of certain rules, discipline, self confidence and continuity. The continued practice is a necessity. Before making Yogasana, it's worth knowing what a Yogas. Take precautions necessary. If these precautions are not taken, may harm rather than benefit. It's not like a sport or exercise.

  1. The person who wants to practice Yogasana should clean intestines and other natural impulses before practicing.
  2. Something should be eaten only after atleast one hour of practice Yogasana.
  3. The person performing yoga exercises should not have the problem of constipation. If you are in the habit of drinking coffee or tea in the morning you can have a cup of tea or coffee. For best results, avoidance of these drinks is right.
  4. Practice Yogasana be done before sunrise or after sunset.
  5. Yog Sadhna is only possible with the continuity of practice, dedication and courage.
  6. Practice difficult Yogasana in the morning or practice simple Yogasana in evening.
  7. To overcome the obstacles that may be faced by a practitioner of yoga, Patanjali Maharishi has found that instilling a sense of friendship, compassion, joy and hope in yourself is the best way. Yog Sadhna linked with the element of regularity and continuity, Satvik is a way of life. One who practices reaches Yogasanas beauty of body and mind.
  8. During the practice of yoga, various obstacles that arise will be overcome with determination. These obstacles come in the way of practicing yoga in the form of illness, laziness, carelessness and uncertainty. One can overcome these obstacles by purity of mind and focus concentration. One must continue to practice with the firm determination and patience.


   * Practice of Yogasana must be conducted in a clean, airy and germ free environment, without any noise or sports in the nearby areas.
      * Practice Yogasana should be on level ground or floor level. For Yogasana, you must use the folded blanket or rug / carpet. A rough terrain is not an appropriate place for it.
      * Before starting yogasanas, you should keep your eyes open and your muscles without strain. If you can make a particular Aasan regularly and easily, you can keep your eyes closed.
      * While yogasanas this, the body must be active and inactive mind. However, the alert and the precautions should not be left out. During the practice of Yogasana with a tension in the mind or induced by force, you can not keep track of their errors.
      * At the time of Yogasana practice, breathing should be through the nostrils. The mouth breathing can be harmful. In the position or when playing Yogasana Aasane, do not stop the process of respiration.
      * Sheershaasan is prohibited for patients with diabetes and blood pressure. They should also practice Sarvangasana. The positions of these Yogasanas can affect blood pressure. Aasans that require forward bending are beneficial for these patients.
      * The ladies Yogasanas should not practice during their menses because during this period, the uterine cavity remains open and the process of bleeding the cavity continues. Because Yogasana, may have severe bleeding or other complications.
      * During pregnancy, you should not practice Yogasanas. Only after the initial period of 3 months of pregnancy, only Yogasana easy position to be carried out.
      * While Yogasana practice, one must learn to keep his mind under control. During this period, it is not appropriate to keep the senses thrilled with sexual thoughts, which can lead to various diseases.
      * Practice yogasanas should only be started under the care of a person who is well versed in the practice of yogasanas. During yoga practice looseclothes should only be used. It is better for the wear of the supporters of knights and ladies in bikinis or put bras.v One should not take a bath or not to take hot or cold liquids immediately after yogasanas practice.
      * In case of fatigue at work, one must sit in a comfortable position in the seat. Keep your eyes closed. Do it for 10 minutes. It will keep away the boredom and mind fresh.
      * If you feel bored while reading up on your lap and take a walk of 10 to 15 minute walk to initiate a dialogue with your friend over the phone or listen to the sweet musical tunes on TV.
      * Avoid negative thoughts, because it increases the tension and keeps you in depression. As compared to people with positive thinking, negative thoughts people live a short life.
      * Compared with others, people with negative thoughts consume more food. As a result, in its final stages to increase the chances of his taking ill.
      * You can get close to nature to see the divine beauty. See the vegetation around or listen to birdsong, calms the mind.
      * Never bring a negative thought in your mind. To this end, keeping busy in positive activities.
      * When the mind is trapped in a negative thought, seeing some interesting programs on television or read a good book or prepare a topic of their choice in the kitchen. Should be busy in other activities, only 10 minutes away negative thoughts automatically.
      * People with positive thinking and optimism are still smart and convenient, without a hint of disappointment. They enjoy the happiness of eternal youth for a longer period of his life.
      * Do not talk to people with a negative thought, because these people can not do anything but will definitely create a problem for you,
      * For the ladies, moving the grindstone and men's bicycle is the best form of exercise. While going to the office or place of market or their children's schools or to deposit their electricity bills, etc. always make use of cycle. Cycling gives full exercise to the body, removes diseases and keeps the body fit and ready. Cycling protects against heart problems. Keep the leg muscles free from disease and transpiration through positive growth effects on health.