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Natural and Yogic cure for Anal diseases

Majority of the people are suffering from anal diseases. Chronic constipation and irregular food habits are the main reasons for the increasing cases of anal diseases. The various diseases related to the anus can be cured with simple yogic cure and adopting natural remedies.


A wound occurring around one inch inside the rectum and on all four sides of the rectum is called Fistula. It is also known as chronic wound. Fistula is caused due to the habit of sitting on uneven surfaces, sitting on chair for long time and practicing unnatural sex. This can also be caused due to camel, horse ride for longer duration.

In case of fistula the area around the rectum, urinary bladder tears apart. The wound leads to bleeding. The patient is unable to sit on the chair because bleeding takes place along with the pain. The patient suffers from severe pain due to constipation.

Nature cure

  • Boil Triphala in water and sieve with some cloth, wash the fistula with this water to destroy the germs.
  • Grind five grams of neem leaves, clarified butter, honey and turmeric, sesame etc. mix it with 20 gm barley flour and make lep. Spread it on a piece of cloth and tie it on fistula for relief.
  • Heat 100 gm Ankol oil and 25 gm wax and add three-gram sal ammoniac. Apply this lep on fistula for quick relief.
  • Boil 10 gm pomegranate skin in 200 gm water, sieve it with cloth and wash the fistula to heal it.
  • Grind neem leaves and apply the paste on fistula.
  • Wash fistula with dettol mixed water and then apply neem oil to heal it.
  • Grind a good quality resin and apply on fistula to cure it.

Yogic cure

  • First and foremost the stomach should be clean. It is necessary to practice stomach-strengthening yogasanas – Vajrasana, Siddhasana, Uttanapadasana, Sarvangasana, Paschimottasana, Halasana, Gomukhasana, Padangushtasana prove to be beneficial.
  • Practice of Ashvini Mudra, Moolbandh, Nadi shodhan and Shitali pranayam is beneficial. 


This is caused due to impure blood. There are certain moist lumps, which swell when fluids fill in their cells. This dosha is caused due to polluted kapha. When the patient scratches these swollen areas it causes secretion. Itching in rectum can also be due to indigestion, piles, intestinal germs, fistula and pregnancy.

Natural remedies

  • Burn myrobalan seed and make ash. Mix this ash in coconut oil and apply on itching area to relieve it.
  • Mix lemon juice in sandal oil and apply it on itching wound.
  • Mix Bavachi oil and sandal oil in equal quantities and apply on itching fistula for relief.
  • Mix a little bit of jasmine oil and apply it on itching wound for relief.
  • Mix five gram lemon juice in 10 gm rose water and five gram jasmine oil. Apply it on fistula gives relief.

Yogic cure

  • Practice shankh prakshalan at least once a month. Avoid constipation and practice stomach-strength-ening asanas like Uttanapadasana, Naukasana, Pavanmuktasana, kandharasana, Vajrasana, Suptavajrasana, and Mandookasana. These asana should be practiced regularly to improved digestive strength, which prevents constipation. These prove beneficial in case of itching in fistula.
  • Practice Ashvini Mudra, Agnisar kriya.
  • Practice Kapalbhati and Nadi shodhan.


Prolapsus is caused due to physical weakness, severe constipation, frequent loose motions, or when the phlegmatic covering of the rectum becomes inactive and comes out.


The anal path becomes narrow, germs, and frequent occurrence of piles, fistula and whopping cough. In the initial stages, the phlegmatic cover that comes out goes back inside with little efforts but it does not happen when the patient suffers from severe constipation.

Natural remedies

  • Boil 100 gm pomegranate leaves in one liter water and wash the rectum with this water several times.
  • Grind five-gram black pepper and ten gram roasted cumin seeds. Take it twice daily with buttermilk to cure Prolapsus.
  • Dissolve one-gram alum in 30 gm water. Wash the anus with this water after bowel movement and apply this water with the help of cotton to heal Prolapsus.
  • Take ten gram each of Majoophal, alum, Triphala churna and Katha and put in water. Sieve after one or two hours and wash the anus with this water.
  • Grind five gram each of lotus leaves and sugar and take it with ten gram water to heal Prolapsus.
  • Boil 100 gm acacia skin in 500 gm water and prepare quath. Wash the anus with this quath for relief.
  • Grind 30 gm bhangra root with 20 gm turmeric. Mix it with water and apply on Prolapsus.
  • Apply hemp juice on this wound for relief.
  • Take two-gram Harad churna twice daily to prevent the occurrence of this disease. It cures constipation and relieves Prolapsus.
  • Take Harad or myrobalan marmalade and drink milk to cure constipation. This relieves Prolapsus.
  • Grind Katha and mix it in hot clarified butter and wax. Apply it on the wound for relief. 
  • Mix one guava and two grains of Nagkesar. Take it for relief.

Yogic cure

  • The main reason for this disease is constipation. If this is controlled then Prolapsus can be cured permanently. Yog and pranayam are the best methods to overcome constipation.
  • Constipation also occurs due to shifting of navel. If this is the reason for constipation then regular practice of Uttanapadasana, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana and Matsyasana is beneficial. The practice of these asanas helps in bringing back the navel to the original position.
  • Practice Kunjal on empty stomach every morning along with the above mentioned asanas and stomach strengthening light exercises.
  • Practice Tadasana, hastottanasana, Katichakrasana, Bhujangasana, suptapavanmuktasana, Vajrasana, Mandookasana, mayurasana, Ardhamatysendrasana.
  • Surya Namaskar is also beneficial in curing constipation.
  • Bhastrika and Suryabhedi pranayam should also be practiced after asana. Initially it should be practiced for one or two  minutes.
  • Practice laghu prakshalan once a week for benefit. Shankh prakshalan is beneficial in the initial stages.
  • Agnisar kriya and breathing through right nostril is beneficial in case of constipation. 
  • Prolapsus is also cured when constipation is overcome.


Piles are caused due to constipation. Wrong eating habits and lack of physical exercises is the main problem these days.

Symptoms of piles

  • The patient complains of burning sensation and pain in rectum. He has the urge to urinate frequently. The patient has to exert lot of pressure during motions and hence causes bleeding. He loses appetite. Excess blood loss leads to paleness. The person feels pressure on anal region.
  • Piles are a stubborn disease. When the patient exerts pressure the warts also swell, the polluted blood accumulated in the warts comes out. Frequent intake of laxative medicines and sitting on very stiff or soft surface causes piles.
  • Eating food quickly without chewing properly and eating food in noisy place, eating indigestible food weakens the digestive system. This slows down the digestive process and finally becomes the cause of piles.

Natural remedies

  • Keep fast for two or three days and consume only lemon water mixed with honey. Have fruit diet and take enema with cold water during fasting. It strengthens and activates the intestines. Fruits like papaya, cheekoo are beneficial.
  • Consume whole-wheat chapattis and green vegetables in sufficient quantity. Do not consume sweets and spicy food.
  • Keep mud bandage on stomach and hipbath with cold water is extremely beneficial.
  • Soak two dry figs in water. Eat it on empty stomach every morning. Soak two dry figs in the morning and consume it at 4 or 5 p.m. do not eat anything one hour before or after. Consuming this medicine for around eight to ten days to cure dry and bleeding piles.
  • Buttermilk is very beneficial to cure piles permanently and avoid its recurrence. Drink buttermilk with afternoon meals mixed with one and half gram powdered Ajowan and equal quantity of rock salt for relief.
  • Mix camphor in eight times lukewarm castor oil and prepare the mixture. Clean the warts after bowel movement and apply this oil gently on the warts to heal them. This overcomes swelling, pain, burning sensation, pricking pain and gives relief. Regular use dries the warts.
  • In case of severe piles, the patient should take only curd and kichdi made with rice and Moong dal. A little bit of clarified butter can be used. Avoid thick stools and constipation. Avoid consumption of heavy and spicy food.
  • Drink diluted curd or buttermilk in case of bleeding piles. Eat 500 gm fresh ripe papaya two hours after lunch.
  • Eat raw radish or drink 25-50 gm radish juice daily for benefit.
  • Do not wash the anus with hot water to prevent piles. During summer season very hot water comes out of the taps, do not wash the warts with this water.
  • Piles can recur due to indigestion. Therefore it is necessary to have good food habits to avoid indigestion.

Yogic cure

  • The patient should clean the stomach while following yogic treatment. It is advisable to avoid sitting in one place for long time. It is beneficial to walk at small intervals.
  • Practice Kunjal and Jalneti in the morning on empty stomach and then practice light yogic exercise along with stomach strengthening asanas. Practice Shankh prakshalan once a month for benefit.
  • Practice of Vajrasana, Siddhasana, Guptasana, Gomukhasana, Halasana, and Utkatasana are beneficial.
  • The patient should also practice Ashvini Mudra, Moolbandh, Nadi shodhan and Shitali pranayam for relief.