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Ayurvedic / Herbal Advice on Sperm Strength

Question: Hi. I am 3 years married.i am 30 years old .my husband is also 30 years old My husband gone through with semen analysis test .it showing sperm concentration is no motile or immotile sperm seen after centrifugation Semen fructose qualitative is positive Is there any hope Pls suggest me medicines for my husband I would be highly thankful

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Normal motility of sperms is necessary for an effective fertilisation. Usually 50% of the sperm has to be motile to prevent problems with infertility but normal sperm count will still increase the chance. Please let me know the complete semen analysis to guide you further. Semen fructose is advised to find the cause of azoospermia and fructose is the source of energy for the motility of the semen. It is produced by the seminal vesicle in the male reproductive tract. So positive test will rule out the possibilities of obstruction. Your husband can take Ayurvedic medicines for 3months and then check again. Ayurvedic medicines like Sukumara lehyam - 1tsp before food twice daily and Addyzoa Capsules can be taken for 3months and reviewed. Include celery, almonds, avocados, olive oil, black gram, ghee, meat soup, banana, dates and milk. Reduce excess sugar, salt and oil. Regular exercises will help to improve the metabolism and the energy levels. Try to wear cotton underwear and avoid very hot places or baths to support with a proper temperature.

Question: i am 27 years old.i have 12million/cumm sperm count and 50 % immotile. plez help me.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, If you are suffering from low sperm count, it is better to consult andrologist or MD physician for proper assessment. If there is varicocele which may cause the problem, and if you are working in stressed and hot environment, there may be chances of getting low sperm count. In order to enhance proper spermatogenesis you may to consume herbal medicines which may help you. However, you must avoid habits if any such as smoking, alcohol, or tobacco chewing. Consuming well balanced diet is very important. Milk consumption is good for you. Following medicines can be used for your condition such as Package Medicine, Addyzoa and Organic Vitality Capsules which is helpful for your condition. With regards, Dr. Vijay.

Question: Hello Dr., my name is kamesh. I've been suffering from vericocele for 2 years. It pains while walking and sitting. I do pranayam daily but I wanna know about some medicines and aasans so that I could be cure sooner. In ultrasound there was no sign of vericocele, Dr. Said, but when I can feel it. it looks like a "bag of warms" and pain too. So please suggest me. I've read all the things about vericocele. Should I go to check sperm count or not?

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Varicocele which is smaller is usually left without treatment with regular checkups. Varicocele is diagnosed clinically by clinical examination by viewing and palpating. Grade 1 or 2 are usually felt by palpating while grade 3 will be visible. In case when it is very small, color doppler ultrasound will be helpful to know the blood flow through the veins with high frequency waves while normal ultrasound may use normal sound waves and could reveal the dilatation of the vein. This is subclinical varicocele. You can have regular checkups as advised. Ayurvedic medicines like Lasunaerandadi Kvath- 15kml with 60ml of warm water and Divya Kanchanara guggulu can be taken for a month and reviewed. Dashang Lep can be applied externally over the required area. Include capsicum, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, cinnamon, horse gram and figs. Reduce excess canned foods, meat, sugar, salt and oil. Yogasanas like baddhakonasana, vajrasana, shavasana, balasana and adhomukasvanasana will be beneficial. Always wear proper supportive cotton underwear which will be beneficial.

Question: M male 32yrs unmarried, m suffering from spermatorrhoeea from a few months everyday all the time some sticky dense sometimes white some time clear fluid always oozes out from my penis. When i think bad or when i sit with any girl which is only my friend the situation gets worse. The fluid also flows out along with the urine. Each and everyday m loosing so much of semen and sperm without even doing or thinking anything.In addition nightfalls are also there.There also occurs pain in the penis. M loosing my confidence and m feeling weak and getting mentally ill.Plz suggest me some good proper cure to get rid of this daily sufferings. regards

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, From your description there are several twists which needs to be clarified. First of all , are u sure you are suffering from spermatorrhoea? Secondly, u tell me that you see a white dense fluid oozing out. Let me ask you something personally.Are u sexually active? Have you ever been diagnosed with STD? Have ever taken any medications for gonorrhea? Have you been tested positive for VDRL and gram stain? Thus there are thousands of questions to be asked inorder to give u a treatment. As for STD we have medicines, but are used to treat only mild cases and not the severe once. I would humbly suggest you to consult a sexologist (ayurvedic/allopathic) and get back to us.

Question: Dear Sir, I am 32 years old. I m suffering from pain in left testicles. Here is the report results: Few prominent venous channels in left spermatic cords which show increased filling on Valsalva maneourve - suggestive of mild left sided varicocele. Could you please advise the medicine and exercise / yoga to get relief from pain. Thanks, Amil

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Varicocele is seen due to the enlargement of the veins in the scrotum. It happens due to the obstruction of the flow of the blood in the spermatic cord. It is managed with medicines based on the symptoms. If there is severe pain, then please consult your doctor immediately. In such case, surgery will be advised. It is necessary to have regular followups as advised. As with your age, it is necessary to follow healthy lifestyle and checkups as to prevent the complications like infertility due to the structural problem or mild shrinkage of the testes due to the obstruction. Ayurvedic medicines like Lasunaerandadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and Hingu triguna tailam - 1tsp with kavth can be taken only in the morning for a month and reviewed. Include pepper, coriander, bottle gourd, horse gram, barley and bottle gourd. Reduce excess sugar, oil, refined flour and salt. Yogasanas like adhomukasvanasana, vajrasana, trikonasana, padmasana, matsyasana, dhanurasana and shavasana will be beneficial. Try to wear well fitting cotton underwear which will support the scrotum.

Question: Dear Sir I want to medicine & yoga for nil sperm conut patient. Plz help as soon as possible. Regards Abhishek

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello sir, Your complaint is also called as azoospermia. In order to enhance the sperm count, combination of alternative therapies may help. Regular food habits, and following diet is very important. Certain things to be avoided like working in hot climate. Stress should be avoided. Proper sleep has to be maintained. Avoid consumption of alcohol, tobacco chewing if present. Physical exercise is mandatory. Include nourishing nutritional diet such as milk, oats, fibre rich food, green leafy vegetables etc. Dates, apples, strawberries, bananas, etc are important. Yoga and pranayama: Agnisara Kriya, suryanamaskara, Dhanurasana, Setubandhasana, Ashwinimudra can be done. Anuloma-Viloma pranayama, and Bahstrika pranayama are useful. Note: These procedures to be done under strict supervision for the beginners and as per guidelines. Panchakarma treatments like abhyanga-swedana, shodhana treatment can be done. There are some medications you may take: Musli Power Extra, Addyzoa, Speman are useful. Contact for further queries, With regards, Dr.Vijay.

Question: i've undergone masturbating for more than eight years. i'm 25 years old now. now i stopped masturbating. but sperms are coming out in liquid form during night. how can i stop it and also my penis look small. how to get it longer and stronger. and how to get sperm in solid form. help me in this sex problem. wat diet should i take.

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Human physiology is designed in such a way that, if you are using any body part in excess, it undergoes wear and tear, and if you are not at all using, once again there may be some kind of problem. In your case, you are facing the same, if you have done masturbation for long time, and if you have suddenly discontinued, then there may be nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emission or night fall is a general physiology, if there is no intercourse, or masturbation, the semen which is produced in seminal vesicles will automatically expelled out with any small stimulus or even with morning erection. Though, this is not harmful, but it may cause some mental disturbance and low backache along with general body weakness. Keeping these points in mind, i suggest you not to panic about, and there are certain medicines which help you to get rid from the anxiety and nocturnal emissions. If you are doing yoga and pranayama like doing vajrasana, suryanamaskara, etc this will keep you healthy. Even doing anuloma viloma pranayama also help you a lot regarding this problem. Ayurvedic medicines for night fall or nocturnal emissions are Package Medicine, which is very helpful. For more doubts, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.

Question: hi sir my name is masi and i have 21 years hold well i want to tell you my problem because this is so importan to i used to masturbate from young age i mean since i have 12 years old and know i have 4 million sperm and i tested my semen analysis i want to show you my semen analysis test information semen analysis [physical] 1.volume................1.5 ml......... 2.colour................grey crystal clear. 3.cosistancy............thin [chemical] microscopic sperm count.....4.0 million......60 - 150 motile..................50%........>70 sluggish................10%........<20 dead....................40%........<10 normal form.............60%........>80 abnormal form...........40%........<20 leucocytes..............04......06 /hpf well that is it,please sir help me and advice me which drugs you can advice me to i buy it and don,t have side effect and i want to have 80 million sperm in 4or5 months because my father wants to marry me with my girl friend with 4 million sperm i can,t give her a child well sir please help me sir please

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, First of all, I would like to inform you that there is nothing to do with masturbation history and sperm count. Masturbation is a natural physical phenomenon, and being said that, I would say that if anything done in excess, there may be side effects that may hamper sperm count or anything related to fertility. So, regarding sperm count enhancement, you can depend on multiple medications that helps you a lot. There are certain ayurvedic internal medicines which improves and panchakarma treatments. They acts as shodhana treatments that cleanses system. Basically, in ayurveda, we believe in Doshas, if there is any kind of Dosha vitiation in body, that may indirectly affects spermatogenesis. Overall, in order to improve sperm count and to improve sexual performance, you can consume some good ayurvedic medicines. Consume Titanic K2 Power Booster Capsules For Men internally that boosts sexual vigour. Spermon Capsules for internal usage will also helpful. Apart from that, you can consume fresh leafy vegetables, and natural aphrodisiacs such as drumsticks, milk, ghee etc. For more details, you can contact us, Dr.Vijay.

Question: Sexual problems like premature ejaculation, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, low libido etc. can be treated with ayurvedic medicine?

Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, In fact, morning erection is a good sign of your potency in any manner. Usually if a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction, then there are chances that they do not get morning erection. In your case you get morning erection but its only for 10 seconds. It depends from person to person, if your bladder is full, sometimes erection may be for longer and soon after evacuating bladder, then there would not be erection. It is important to assess erection or to rule out erectile dysfunction, it is better to measure the parameter when you are masturbating or during intercourse. If you are sexually active, or married, then you can take the medications what you are taking currently. However to maintain general health in terms of sexual health, you can start taking the medications like Organic O Joy daily once and you can even take Chandraprabha Vati twice daily after food if your body is in excess heat. You can have natural aphrodisiacs like sugarcane juice, drumsticks, ghee, milk and milk products etc which are good for your health too. If you are having any associated problems, you can write us back.

Question: I initially had ectopic testis on left testis. After prolonged homeopath treatment the left testis brought down to its place.My both testis are 1/10th in volume than a normal adult 40 year male testis. Now I am azoospermic. My semen count is zero. I have decided to take ayurvedic Medicine. my doc has given me Bhaskar sukranu, Birechan, sukra Sanjibani, Shakra ballav, Swarna rasayan,Cyclon tablet, Livo Forte, And Forget C. Is these medicines able to cure Azoospermia ? I want to mention that I have asthma. I am a male of 40 plus age and a bengali . I dont drink and smoke one cigarette per month now. I have never taken alcohol.

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, From the description given it is seen as so much of medicines which are being prescribed for azzospermia. Here whenever you start a treatment in ayurveda, you are not advised to take so much formulations. Yes, it is true that all products mentioned here helps in azzospermia. But it is not advisable to take all. Here i shall suggest you certain medicines and home remedies which you can follow as an initia line of treatment. Ashwagandhadi lehya - Research works has claimed that ashwagandha is helpful in azzospermia. This medicine which is available in the form of medicated jam shall be taken ata dosage of 1 tsp twice daily after food. It is preferred to be taken with milk. Hamdard Kamini widrawan ras - This tablet shall be taken at a dosage of 1 tab at night with milk before sleep.