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Ayurvedic / Herbal Advice on menstrual

Question: I m on ttc 2 yrs. Continuing Putra jeevak n shiblingi from last 4 months and doing pranayama from last 2 yrs. From this month start phalghrit. Still not get pregnat. please suggest I can continue these medicines with PCOS. I am taking metformin for diabetis 2. Please answer me asap. last I didn't get my answer.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : PCOD is a common problem that delays pregnancy in some of them. The insulin resistance is also considered as a cause with weight gain. So making some lifestyle changes with proper diet, medicines and exercise will help to improve the chances. As it is due to the harmonal imbalance, please let me know other harmone tests and reports to guide you further. You can also take Sumara kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily along with the powder of Shivlingi seeds and Putrajeevak seeds, Divya Fal ghratam for 3months and then review. Include sesame seeds, pine apple, papaya, garlic, pepper, black gram, milk, horsegram and garlic. Reduce excess of meat, broccoli and soya. Yogasanas like Gomukhasana, Janushirasana, Matsyasana, Padahastasana, Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Uthithapadasana, Utkadasana and Paschimottasana which are beneficial.

Question: Age-55 gender-male present complaint / medication and duration-my father is suffering from abdomenal pain after taking eatable item and voimetted. Then on the CT scan reports found that intestine is blocked ans as advised to me by doctors i dicided for operate. After operation on behalf of biopsy reports found that it was intestine cancer. In present day my father is not taking any type of food even liquids after taking small bite of food he voimetted that. family medical history- any person is not suffered from cancer in past. past illness & surgeries-my father is suger patient and one surgery has been done before two month for intestine bypass that is not successful. marital status-married sleep-not sleep due to abdominal pain & gas problem bowels appetite urine- urine is going easily exercising-not dietary habits- taked heavy foog in past test results-found intestine cancer in biopsy reports of tata cancer haapital diabetes / blood pressure-suger-140 and BP is normal menstrual pattern for females-...

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Advanced stage of intestinal cancer will be difficult to treat like any other cancer due to the metastasis. The response of the treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation will be different in each person. Please follow the advise of your treating physician. Cancer Ayurvedic Medicines can be given for a month and then reviewed. Include soups, turmeric, gooseberry, berries and cinnamon. Reduce excess caffeine, spices, canned foods, oil and sugar. Support him emotionally to overcome the effects of the treatments. If there is more pain, Ayurvedic medicines like Triphala Choorna and Sooktyn for Hyperacidity can be taken to relieve the pain in the abdomen and nausea for two weeks initially and then review.

Question: I am 44 yrs of age female. I have hearing problem since i am 5 yrs old. I have been using hearing aid till now. Married and have two daughters. I sleep restfully. I have sinuse problem. I have sneezing problem. No diabetes and blood pressure problem. Menstrual pattern is normal. I am vegetarian. Appetite, urine flow, bowel are normal. I tested today with audiology. The report says its profound sensoryneural hearing loss. Which 96.6d Kindly tell me the ayurvedic treatment for my problem.

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, Sensorineural hearing loss can be correlated to an extend in ayurveda by the condition "Badirya" and has definite treatment. I suggest you certain medcines and external treatment which can be done from your nearest ayurvedic hospital Brihatchagalathi ghrtham - 1 tsp twice daily after food. Karnamrit drops - 2 drops twice daily. Karnabindu drops- same as above. Pathyashadangam kashayam tab - 2 tab twice daily before food. Karnapoorana with Bilwadi and sarshapa thaila. This shall be done exclusively from hospital. Follow these and you can find improvement in hearing.

Question: Age 26+, female, sir I m suffering from acidic urine problm from last 6 months... firstly I was suffering from urine infection In urinary bladder but now its totally cured after having alopathic tretment... the urinary bladder is still little bit weak... and at the same time I was suffering from acidic urine and still it has not been cured... I cant eat any rich food...oily food ...spicy food... I also use to have alopathic tonic which will make urine alkaline but it is not so much effective and acidic urine come back again... can u plz recommend any product of baba ramdev which is really effective for cure of acidic urine permanently and also will make the urinary bladder strong.. I am single...I sleep daily for6-7 hors..bowels is clear appetite is proper..I dont do any excise..I use to hv bolied food green vegetable. .fruits... no oily food..and 4 lits water daily..I hv problm of diabetes... my blood pressure is normal..menstrual pattern is regular..

Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, In your case i see it to be the diet which is causing you the acidic urine or the allopathic medications.If you are using any allopathic medications regularly, just make sure that its action does not include making urine acidic.Secondly, the food habit. Certain foods tend to increase the acidic level and thus cause urine to be acidic. For example, cooked tomatoes are highly acidic and so on. However i would suggest you 2 ayurvedic medcines from us which you can consume. They are Alka 5 syrup Aluretic tablets Follow this along with diet for upto a month. Kindly avoid Sour, salty,fried foods,hot drinks,fish,ginger,black gram,asaefoetida and mustard.

Question: I'm 30 years old female, married. Diagnosed 4 months ago with adenomyosis & bulky uterus. The pain started 2 years ago. Every time I have my period I will feel severe cramps, pain in lower abdomen, sometimes i will have nausea, medium bleeding with cloth. Surgery : I had surgery to removed benign tumor from my breast in 2009. Appetite : I will loosing appetite on my period. Sleep : 6-7 hours per day. Bowels : normal. Urine : light yellow. Exercising : yoga at least 3 times a week, 1/2 - 1 hour per day. dietary habits : rarely eat red meat, no pork, chicken/seafood at least 3 times per week, i eat vegetable everyday at least 1 serving per day, fruits 3-4 times per week. diabetes : NO blood pressure : normal menstrual pattern : 24 - 25 days Please advise ayurvedic medicine to treat my condition. Thanks :)

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Adenomyosis is the growth of endometrial cells into the muscular walls of the uterus. It causes more pain during the periods, nausea, bleeding and back pain. You can take Ayurvedic medicines for a month and then review. Please do have regular checkups. Medicines like Sukumara Kasayam - 15ml of kasayam with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily Asoka aristam - 20ml after food twice daily, Asta churnam - 1tsp before food thrice daily can be taken. Application of warm hot towel or a hot water bottle will help to reduce the pain. Try to include more fruits and vegetables. You can include horsegram, fennel, cinnamon, bitter gourd, papaya, pomegranate and bottlegourd. Reduce excess sweets, salt and oil. Moderate use of foods rich in oestrogen like broccoli, nuts, soya and meat. Gentle exercises like walking or Yogasanas like Baddhakonasana, Marichyasana, Utkadasana, Paschimottasana, Trikonasana can be practised.

Question: I Am 26 year old married girl. I was suffering from hormonal imbalance so i have progesterone tablets for last 4 months now from last month 9 march me and my husband have started yoga including 7 pranayaam's(kapaalbhati,bahya pranayaam and anulom vilom etc),micro exercise's and 7 asan's to weight loose. after that i haven't got down..its 1.5 month now. i am not pregnant. can yoga effects menstrual periods? also i want to know amla churna is good or amla murabba is better to take in morning for weight loose? or amla murabba have sugar in excess so it will increse my weight?

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Guest Menses may have been effected due to progesterone tabs, you may consult your doctor to know more about it, Also Yoga asnas effect like that have never been reported ,although it may happen . What you can do here is stop the kind of pranayam in which there is some Bandha involved and if there are any leg raising Asna you are doing. Amla murraba or Amla churna may not help you loose weight ,infact if you want to have some effect like that then you can start with triphala juice, with Aloe vera juice. Once the problem of menses is over then you can write back to us for further management of weight. best of lck.

Question: I am female. Age 30, hypothyroid, menstrual pattern is normal height 5 feet, weight 74 Caesarian delivery 6 years back C3R for keratoconus in eye recently married

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Healthy lifestyle changes will help to reduce weight. The medicines help to correct the metabolism and thereby help to reduce weight. Weight depends on the genetic factors and is triggered by diet and lack of physical activity. Medicines like Varunadi Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of boiled and warm water before food twice daily, Divya Medohar Vati and Triphala Churna can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Please review with the blood tests after 6months to assess the efficacy of the medicines. Include berries, garlic, ginger, turmeric, drumstick, horsegram, cabbage, cinnamon, bittergourd, plantain stem, honey, jujube fruit. Complex carbohydrates and fiber can be added to the diet. Reduce excess salt, sugar, refined flour and fried fatty foods. Yogasanas like Marjaryasana, Halasana, Utkadasna, Trikonasana, Paschimottasana, Matsyasana, Dhanurasana, Uthithapadasana and Padahastasana are beneficial.

Question: Age-48,Gender-Female,present complaint-ulcer in stomach,medication-1 week ,past illness-fibroadenoma in breast and multiple fibromyoma in uterus,Surgeries-uterus removal, Marital status-Married,Sleep-not much,irregular,Bowels-not proper,Appetite-low, Urine- normal,Exercising-no,Dietary habita-presently high protein liquid diet,Test result-CA stomach,Diabetes-normal,Blood pressure-normal,menstrual pattern-no

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Stomach cancer is treated based on the stage at the time of diagnosis. Stage 1 indicates that the cancer is in the stomach layer which may have spread to the lymph, stage 2 indicates that the cancer has spread deep into the muscular layer and the tissues with lymph node involvement, stage 3 indicates that it has spread to all the layers with lymph involvement and stage 4 means that it has spread to the distant parts of the body. It usually causes persistent indigestion, heart burn, vomiting and abdominal pain. Ayurvedic medicines like Agastya Rasayanam + Mahatiktaka ghrit - 1tsp before food twice daily and Aswagandha churnam can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Triphala choorna can be taken if there is constipation. Please let me know the stage to guide you further.

Question: 28, female, unmarried, taking ayurvedic treatment, sometime loose motions, spondylitis, BP normal, Sugar normal, exercising - 15-20 min everyday, menstrual pattern - every month delay by 5-7 days

Answered by Dr.George : Dear friend, Wishes from my yog. Facial skin related problems are quiet common among men and women. There are varied reasons for black discoloration in face. The condition varies from hyper pigmentation ,Hormonal imbalances,excessive exposure to sunlight,skin disorders, some liver disorders and acne scars. Identify the condition with help of a dermatologist and give proper care accordingly. You can do cleansing of the face by Patanjali saundarya face wash .Wash and keep your skin clean always. Fill your mind mind with positive thoughts. Regards Dr George.

Question: Can synthroid interact with 'stri rasayan vati'? 42 year female with prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : You can take Synthroid and Divya stri rasayana vati as prescribed. You can take Synthroid on empty stomach as usual and take Divya Stri Rasayana vati - 2tablets twice daily after food after 2hours. Please do have regular checkups as advised. The dosage of the medicine must be decided based on the TSH level. Regular exercise will be beneficial as it supports the metabolism. Healthy lifestyle including proper diet, exercise and rest will be beneficial. Try to take the medicines regularly. Please let me know more details with the investigation reports to guide you further. Medicines must be continued to maintain normal TSH level. Include iodised salt, nuts, whole grains, berries, drum stick leaves and sea weeds. Reduce excess peas, soya, radish, millet, cabbage, turnip, peaches, broccoli and mustard greens that will reduce the absorption of thyroid harmone. Yogasanas like navasana, supported sarvangasana, halasana, matsyasana, balasana, dhanurasana, bhujangasana and savasana will be beneficial to stimulate the thyroid gland.